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Project:OD1 - ontology-driven Ontolog content

Most Critical Task(s) At Hand

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What's New

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Key Date(s) to Note

Project Mission

  • to develop ontology-driven Ontolog content that could be better disseminated to a wide range of audience

Deliverables & Deadlines

  • 2012.03.15: a plan
  • 2012.03.27: a prototype
  • 2012.04.10: a demo

Project Work-in-Progress

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Project Plan

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  • Technology / platform
    • psmw (purple semantic mediawiki) - to host unstructured text content
    • slideshare - to host slides
    • OOR - to host the ontology being used
    • we will try to be compliant with the emerging ICOM standard (and icom ontology)
    • our data to be available as LOD

The Team

Project Workspaces


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Conference Call, Meeting & Workshop

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