Ontolog Forum

Our friend and Ontolog Forum founder Peter P. Yim died in 2022. It is very sad news to all of us who worked with him, and a great loss to the community he founded and nurtured for many years. Among his many accomplishments, he
◘ founded the Ontolog Forum in 2002 and was a regular co-convener.
◘ was one of the originators of the Ontology Summit in 2006, a series that continues to be held every year.
◘ was a co-founder of the Open Ontology Repository initiative in 2008.
◘ was a co-founder (in 2009) and Advisory Board member of the International Association for Ontology and its Applications.
◘ was the President and CEO of CIM Engineering, Inc., an Internet and Cloud Computing Service Provider, offering hosted infrastructure and support to the collaborative work environment ("CWE") for government, professional, academic and corporate communities and users.

His vision was to improve trusted open collaboration, knowledge sharing and bootstrapping for networked communities and distributed teams. Peter was passionate about moving (formal and informal) ontology into the main stream through adoption and International standardization. His leadership had an enormous impact on the development of the ontology community.

As of 2022, Peter was the author, co-author or co-convener of most of the pages on this wiki. Some of his other contributions include:
◘ "Including People in Computer Integrated Manufacturing Designs" - Winograd, Newman, Yim (ICCIM 1991)
◘ "Leveraging Effective Collaboration in Communities and Open Distributed Teams" - Yim (FOSE 2004)
◘ "Developing Semantic Technologies in a Collaborative Work Environment" - Yim (CEW 2005)
◘ "Leveraging CWE to Bootstrap Communities" - Yim (NSF 2006)
◘ L. Obrst, P. Cassidy, S. Ray, B. Smith, D. Soergel, M. West and P. Yim. The 2006 Upper Ontology Summit Joint Communiqué, J. Appl. Ontology vol. 1, no. 2, pp. 203-211, 2006
◘ "Bootstrapping From Metadata to Ontology" - Yim (IBM 2007)
◘ "DAO of Ontology Summit 2007" - Yim (NIST 2007)
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