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Peter P. Yim

  • Founder and Co-convener of ONTOLOG (est. 2002)
  • Co-convener of the OntologySummit series (annually, since 2006)
  • Co-convener of the Open Ontology Repository (OOR) initiative (est. 2008)
  • Advsory Board Member & Co-Founder, International Association for Ontology and its Applications (IAOA) (est. 2009)

  • President & CEO
  • CIM Engineering, Inc. (est. 1989; now dba. CIM3)
  • San Mateo, California, USA
  • Tel: +1 (650) 578-9998

Peter has announced his retirement at end April 2014, and has pretty much phased himself out from the day-to-day involvement in these professional and community activities as of end December 2015.

CIM3 is an Internet and Cloud Computing Service Provider, offering hosted infrastructure and support to the collaborative work environment ("CWE") for this ONTOLOG site as well as other government, professional, academic and corporate communities and users.

Our company, as well as I, personally, strive to improve trusted open collaboration, knowledge sharing and bootstrapping for networked communities and distributed teams. I am passionate about moving (formal *and* informal) ontology into the main stream through adoption and International standardization, and have been devoting myself, as well as leveraging my collaboration skills and support capabilities, to that cause.

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