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Alan Bond

Alan H. Bond is a Research Neuroscientist in the Institute for Neuroscience in the UCLA Medical School in Los Angeles. His website is He is currently Visiting Professor at NIST in Gaithersburg in the Health Industry initiative of the Design Process Group lead by Ram Sriram. His main research is into system level brain models, for which he uses a logic programming approach. He has developed a simple logical language, based on clauses and bottom-up inference, for representing system-level brain models. He has currently two main interests in ontologies, one is the development of a multilevel ontology for neuroscience with levels for system-level, cortical microcircuits, single neuron dynamics, cell metabolism, and gene expression, which would provide for the description of clinical findings and their interpretation. The other is the issue of what descriptive approach and language to use for such an undertaking, with a predisposition to use logic programming as a unifying method.