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Alan Rector

Alan Rector is Professor of Medical Informatics in the School of Computer Science at University of Manchester. He currently leads the MRC funded E-Science Projects CLEF/CLEF-Services and the JISC/EPSRC jointly funded CO-ODE/[[HyOntUse]] projects on ontology development tools. His research interests are in knowledge representation and management, user interface design, and practical support of clinical patient care. He has led the MRC/DoH funded PEN&PAD programme on user centred design of intelligent clinical interfaces, the EC funded GALEN programme a large reference ontology for clinical medicine. He is a member of the W3C Semantic Web Best Practices Working Group and on HL7, CEN and ISO working groups on healthcare terminology. In 2003 he was awarded the first BCS Award for Lifetime Achievement in Health Informatics. Address: School of Computer Science, University of Manchester, Manchester M13 9PL. email:

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Professor Rector presents his invited talk to the Ontolog Community at: ConferenceCall_2006_09_14