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Amanda Vizedom

Amanda Vizedom, PhD

Dr. Vizedom been a full-time, professional applied ontologist since 1998.

Dr. Vizedom's Ph.D. is in Philosophy, from the University of Minnesota. with an Area of Specialization in Epistemology. Minnesota's greatest philosophical strength is in philosophy of science, and that tradition influenced Dr. Vizedom's understanding of models, evidence, community knowledge development, and what it means for individuals to break down the world differently, across domains or within a domain. [For the non-philosophers: epistemologists study knowledge, reasoning, and belief; they may be more or less attentive to, or regarding of, empirical matters such as the findings of cognitive scientists, or historical studies of knowledge-seeking enterprises]. In addition to significant helpings of formal logic, philosophy of science, and feminist philosophy, Dr. Vizedom's doctoral work concerned the roles and influence of social contexts and communities in reasoning, interpretation of evidence, and knowledge formation.