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Anatoly Levenchuk

Anatoly Levenchuk works as a strategy consultant more than 20 years. He helps with vision and strategy definition to many government agencies and large private holding companies in IT and Internet businesses, securities market, electric power and transmission industry, nuclear industry, shipbuilding industry, transportation infrastructure. Now he heads TechInvestLab that serves as a principal consultant company in complex systems engineering and semantic data integration projects.

His achievements include the first in Russia nondocumentary initial public offerings (RINACO, VKT television company, RELCOM ISP, etc., 1990--1991.); the first in Russia official quotation (RINACO stocks at Firsoff dealer company, 1992); the first in Russia securities registrar service (RINACO Depository, April 1992), founding of and consulting for RINACO PLUS securities broker/dealer company that became one of biggest five investment houses in Russia in 1995-1998 (1992-1993), the first moderated USENET group in the exUSSR in RELCOM network (group relcom.infomarket.*, beginning of 1991); the first in Russia commercial website providing information about securities market (1994), launching about 20 websites of investment companies, organized markets, securities infrastructure institutes, information agencies, regulator bodies in 1994-1998; public relations campaign for the Central Bank of Russia (May--June 1995); chief advisor of Omskenergo reorganization (pilot project of RAO UES Russia devoted to structure reorganizations of Russia United Energy System, September 1999 -- February 2000) and several other structural reform in power sector projects; architect of E-government Russia project in 2003-2005, principal consultant of systems engineering reform in nuclear industry (2008-2011), principal consultant of semantic equipment catalog in shipbuilding (2011).

TechInvestLab is a member of the POCSCaesar Association and participates in ISO 15926 ontology-based data integration development and implementation project.

He founded the INCOSE Russian Chapter. His blog "Laboratory Log" in Russian has more than 2,000 subscribers. Anatoly is a member of ACM, ASEM, INCOSE.