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Robert J. (Bob) Schloss

Senior Technical Staff Member


Yorktown Heights, New York, USA.

Scalable Information and Integration Infrastructure

Smarter Energy and Smarter Cities team member

Software Research

Thomas J Watson Research Center

Yorktown Heights, New York, USA

ACM Senior Member, IEEE Senior Member


I have worked in the areas of metadata, data models, and open standards-based information exchange formats for nearly 20 years. I was the co-chair of the W3C working group that introduced RDF in 1999, and have also been very involved with XML (including XML Schema), including its application in Web Services.

I began to look at the feasibility of ontologies of the information exchanged between government agencies, utilities, citizens, sensors using event-notification-protocols, in cities, during 2011, in collaboration with several colleagues at IBM Research, including Rosario Uceda-Sosa and Biplav Srivastava. For reasons of near-real-time application performance, the bulk of IBM's software engineers prefer to work with proven relational database and object-oriented procedural languages, but because we anticipate a great deal of evolution in the classes of information exchanged in cities, we have begun to do this work using OWL. More information about this initial effort can be found at SCRIBE Models and Methodology.

In 2013, I am starting to look at using metadata for datasets, for analytics, for data visualization approaches, for vocabularies of concepts, and for business and technical experts, as part of an approach to simplifying finding and using information by people who are not very familiar with Data Governance technologies, in a more collaborative, marketplace, hosted facility for data-driven insight extraction and decision-making.

see: Bob's home page as well as IBM Research