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Bruce Musicus

Bruce Musicus, PhD


The Aptec Group, LLC

Hollis, New Hampshire, USA.


Dr. Musicus is a Partner of The Aptec Group. Previously he was the Chief Technology Officer and a founder of Parlance Corp., which provides a speech-enabled auto-attendant telephony service. Prior to Parlance, he was CTO of BBN Speech Processing Group, the Director of Development of BBN HARK Systems, and an Associate Professor in MIT's Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science. Dr. Musicus is a leading expert in iterative processing algorithms and has worked extensively on a variety of technologies including word spotting, speech recognition, image recognition, finite element simulations, matched filter detectors, sonar processors, VLSI architectures, stochastic filtering, microprocessor design, computational structures, real-time control, and robust software. He holds patents in fault tolerant architectures, time-scale modification of signals, and programmable real-time signal processors. Dr. Musicus received his SB from Harvard University. He received his MS, EE, and PhD degrees in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science from MIT. (source:

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