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Carlos A. Rueda-Velásquez

email: carueda [at]

Carlos Rueda is the Technical Lead of the Marine Metadata Interoperability Project (MMI), where he has been promoting metadata best practices in the marine community, while coordinating several software development activities, including the MMI Ontology Registry and Repository (based on the BioPortal framework) and associated services for creation of controlled vocabularies and term mappings, and vocabulary and term URI resolution.

Before joining MBARI, Carlos was on a postdoctoral position at UCDavis working for the GeoStreams, REAP, and COMET projects. At CSTARS and CALSPACE he developed techniques for geospatial interpolation and several software tools and applications in the field of remote sensing.

Carlos presented the MMI Ontology Registry and Repository at the Joint Ontolog-OOR Panel Discussion Session about BioPortal and related Ontology Repository Implementations and Development, July 30, 2009.