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Charles P. White

NASA / Jet Propulsion Laboratory, California Institute of Technology

Subject Matter Expert Virtual Worlds

Principle Investigator Second Life Technical Infusion and Selection Project

Program Administrator JPL Spacecraft Problem Reporting System (PRS)


Background Information:

I work at the Jet Propulsion Lab (JPL) because I was inspired by Dr. Carl Sagan’s television show Cosmos. While employed at JPL, I met Dr. Sagan and had a chance to have a heart to heart talk, where Dr. Sagan expressed his gratitude that his TV show had inspired someone into the space sciences. During my 20 years at JPL I was the Matrix Mathematics Toolsmith for the Jet Propulsion Laboratory, and provide the needed software tools that the navigators, scientists and engineers use to fly space missions.

Today, I am the Program Manager for the JPL Spacecraft Problem Reporting System (PRS) that is used to report all flight, pre-flight, and development problems with all JPL spacecraft. I am also exploring the use of Virtual Worlds as an innovative way to design future spacecraft through collaboration.

I am married with two adult children, two horses and two cats. I enjoy astronomy, competition airsoft shooting, and model railroading. I am also a music composer and have created and performed 8 soundtracks for JPL mini-documentaries and in so doing won a Silver Telly award for composition in a non-profit documentary. I am Native American of the Ojibway People and I am very active in my culture and intertribal events.

I volunteer my spare time with the U.S. Forest Service as a Patrol Ranger and Fire Lookout.


  • President Bush: President's Call to Service Award (Lifetime)
  • Native American: Warriors Medal of Valor
  • NASA: Multiple Flight Team Project Awards


  • United States Navy League - Life Member
  • California State Firefighters - Life Member


"Measure my wealth not in cash... rather, in people that call me their friend. They make me truly rich. I owe them many favors, and they owe me. It is intangible commerce where a poor man shames us all.", Charles White