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Common Logic (CL)


The CL mailing list, includes current working group participants and the archives of the email discussions.

see also: CommonLogic_V2

The ISO Common Logic effort

The ISO effort towards an international standard for Common Logic began in June 2003 with the approval of a New Work Item (NP) for Common Logic. This project was assigned to WG2 (Metadata) under SC32 (Data Interchange) of ISO/IEC JTC1. This effort ended on October 1, 2007 with the publication of the final standard, in the approval and publication of the Common Logic (CL) Standard ISO/IEC IS 24707:2007

Note that a "new" effort and a working group has started (in Sep-2012) to revise and enhance the current (2007) Common Logic (CL) Standard. The project homepage for that work is at: CommonLogic_V2

The Common Logic project clarifies the mathematical and logical basis behind Logic-based solutions, which may underly several different "surface forms" such as UML, Conceptual Graphs, KIF, or OWL Full

CL is specifically relating to First Order Logic (FOL) to OWL conversion ... David Whitten (who wrote this and the paragraph above on 2005.04.01), you or some core contributor on the CLv2 team, might want to review and possibly edit/re-state this. --ppy/2012.11.26)