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Farrukh Najmi is currently CEO and Chief Architect at Wellfleet Software Corporation [0], a company devoted to information management products and services.

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His focus in recent years has been on Registries, Repositories, Enterprise Content Management, and eGovernment. He is an active contributor to the ebXML standard and is a principal author and editor of the OASIS ebXML Registry specifications [1]. Farrukh has been the specification lead for the Java API for XML Registries (JAXR) [2]. He also leads freebXML Registry, an open source project that provides a royalty-free implementation of the ebXML Registry and JAXR standards [3].

Previously, Farrukh was an XML Standards Architect at Sun Microsystems where he helped develop Sun's Service Registry product as well as Java Messaging Service Reference Implementation. Prior to joining Sun, Farrukh was at Hewlett Packard where he led the development of a large-scale enterprise Java application in the field of Medical Information Systems.