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Frank Alvidrez


Frank Alvidrez is a Certified DoDAF Enterprise Architect who is currently working at Edwards Air Force Base as a Sr. Flight Test Engineer in Electronic Warfare. In addition he is consulting with the NASA Ames Constellation Project. He specializes in advanced architecture techniques and their applications to research and development projects. He currently supports a number of major Aerospace companies in Program Management, Enterprise Architectures, NetCentric Data Strategy, Semantic Technologies and DoDAF Training. He is a graduate of the FEAC DoDAF Enterprise Architecture Course as well as Defense Acquisition University Executive Program Managers Course. He has over 30 years of hands on program management and systems engineering experience with the Government and Industry. He has served with the Naval Studies Board and has authored and presented a number of papers on architectures and advanced technology applications. He was an early proponent of the UML approach to the DoDAF from a practical system perspective. He worked 20 years for the Lockheed Martin Skunkworks and was Lockheed’s Senior Program Manager for the X-47B J-UCAS project. He has worked a number of projects to include B-1B, B-2A, B-52, X-35, Navy MRE UAV, YF-22, F-16, C-130, A-4AR, U-2, SR-71, OV-10A/D and other classified projects. He currently teaches advanced DoDAF courses using the DoDAF Profile in UML and SysML. He is a member of the Association of Enterprise Architects (a|EA), INCOSE, and a number of other professional organizations on System Engineering and Enterprise Architectures.

Certified Enterprise Architect Lancaster, California, USA