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George F. Hurlburt

An early pioneer in web collaboration, Mr. Hurlburt came to appreciate the complex behavior of networks. In so doing, he developed an architectural tool based upon a fluid object-oriented ontology, which gained notoriety in Defense architectural circles and won a commercial innovation award. A recognized innovator, Mr. Hurlburt was awarded the Meritorious Civilian Service award upon his retirement as a senior Navy civilian in 2006. He became a Defense Domain Analyst in private industry with a subspecialty in Chaos and Complexity Systems. There, he built detailed system specifications and exploited the Future Combat System domain working with variable message formats. He also contributed to graph traversal procedures in support of semantic composition. Mr. Hurlburt continued to amass knowledge in Network Science to the point that he was retained to develop a Master of Science competency-based course of study in “Computational Networks” for the University of Maryland, University College. He is a frequent contributor to the Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers (IEEE) and other outlets. He has published some 67 professional papers amassing over 725 citations. Mr. Hurlburt was also instrumental in leading negotiations resulting in a Memorandum of Understanding that allowed the Southern Maryland Higher Education Center to merge with the University System of Maryland as a new regional center in 2019.