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Hans Polzer

Lockheed Martin Fellow (ret.) Loris, South Carolina - Myrtle Beach area USA

email: polzerh [at], Short Bio: Hans is a retired Lockheed Martin Fellow. Hans worked for the Net Centric Integration and Demonstration organization within Lockheed Martin’s Corporate Engineering and Technology. In that capacity, Hans was responsible for developing, implementing, and evolving a net centric assessment framework to apply on major Lockheed Martin programs. Hans was also the lead Lockheed Martin technical representative to the Network Centric Operations Industry Consortium (NCOIC) from 2004 until he retired in 2011. He was elected as Chair for the NCOIC Net Centric Attributes Functional Team and became a member of the NCOIC Technical Council. He led the development of the NCOIC SCOPE model for assessing service and enterprise interoperability via network accessibility. Since retiring from Lockheed Martin, Hans has continued to contribute to NCOIC efforts to improve the SCOPE model and associated training material on a volunteer basis.

Hans previously was manager of the Horizontal Integration Technology Team at Lockheed Martin Mission Systems, responsible for a number of joint ACTD programs with DARPA and joint interoperability R&D initiatives within Lockheed Martin, including Project Rainbow. Hans was director of engineering on the Global Transportation Network (GTN) program, responsible for all engineering staff and processes and managing the development of the initial delivered system. Prior to GTN Hans was the Program Director for the Unisys team on the DARPA STARS Program. STARS aimed to dramatically improve software productivity through domain-specific software reuse, software process modeling and automation, and software development tool integration. He joined Lockheed Martin in 1985 as Chief Engineer on the Integrated Automated Intelligence Processing System (IAIPS), a large scale operational intelligence system for the US Navy.

A 1969 graduate of Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Hans has a BS degree in physics. He received an MS degree in physics from Rutgers University in 1971. He joined the US Army that year, and reached the rank of captain before leaving the Service in 1976.

... Hans, at your convenience, please edit and expand on this page, and keep it updated so the community can get to know you better. Welcome! ... (read this if it's your first time editing the Ontolog wiki.) =ppy