Ontolog Forum

Harold Boley

Adjunct Professor, Faculty of Computer Science
University of New Brunswick (UNB)
Chair, RuleML
Fredericton, NB, Canada
Email: first dot last at ruleml dot org


I have been researching and developing as well as teaching semantic technologies, from ontology and rule visualization (e.g., Grailog generalized graphs for logic), to formalization (e.g., PSOA object-relational semantics), to implementation (e.g., OO jDREW reasoning engine), to integration (e.g., Rule Responder multi-agent framework), to application (e.g., SymposiumPlanner distributed query system).

I am co-founder and co-chair of the open non-profit RuleML Inc. organization. I was co-editor of the W3C Rule Interchange Format Working Group (RIF Recommendations) and am advising the OASIS LegalRuleML Technical Committee (main TC page). I started the Grailog Initiative to systematically combine generalized graph constructs for visual data & knowledge representation ranging from (binary and n-ary) relational logic to Horn logic, description logic, (PSOA RuleML-generalized) object/frame logic, higher-order logic, and modal logic.