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Dr. Katherine Goodier

I am a technical architect for Xcelerate Solutions.

I am currently supporting the Federal Big Data working group.

As a computational linguist I contribute to transformations in the federal government using big data repositories at core and among others. I produce model-driven architectures that are critical to the enterprise-wide advancement of web-based XML data-driven management services. My work focuses on responding to Legal and Regulatory guidelines that require all Agencies to reduce duplicative systems. I assist CIOs with modeling workflows and asset inventory in adherence to budget requirements for reducing the number of systems with similar functionality. Much of my work is for project teams, who require expertise in transforming Legacy databases as part of the Intelligence Community’s Information Sharing Environment. I have been providing solutions for Ontologies in the Intelligence Community since 2006. I routinely model ontology solutions using the Interoperable Ontology Design Environment, Semantic Architect, Analyst Notebook, Renoir, and MatLab. I am very active in the Semantic Technologies for Intelligence, Defense, and Security group.

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