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Ken Laskey, MITRE Corporation

Dr. Ken Laskey began working with Web-based metadata catalogues as part of the DARPA AM3 (A-M-cubed) project in the mid-1990s. Through that experience he learned the difficulty in both agreeing on a community vocabulary and getting users to populate metadata using that vocabulary. At that time, someone mentioned the development of something called XML, and Dr. Laskey became involved in standards work, first as a W3C Advisory Committee representative and for the past 5 years as an elected member of the W3C Advisory Board. More recently, Ken has worked as the mediation lead for MITRE support of NCES (Net-Centric Enterprise Services), investigated the challenges of enterprise-level discovery, and continues to work on intelligence community projects with an interest in service oriented architecture. Ken is one of the editors of the OASIS SOA Reference Model and is currently contributing to the Reference Architecture subcommittee.