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Mike Bennett

Mike Bennett

Director, Semantics and Standards,

EDM Council.

London, UK

email: mbennett-at-hypercube.co.uk

Mike is Director of Semantics and Standards at the Enterprise Data Management Council, an industry association in the financial services industry.

About me

I am the editor of the EDM Council Semantics Repository where I have created a framework for editing semantically rich material and presenting it in a technology neutral way for business subject matter experts. This is a long way from being perfect but I am committed to presenting business meaning to business people, but within a rigorous framework.

I'm based in London, where I live on the Thames river. I also sit on various committees which gives me an excuse to travel around a bit.

See also:

  • presentation on "The EDM Council Semantics Repository: Building global consensus for the Financial Services Industry" to the Ontolog community at: ConferenceCall_2008_09_25

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