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Mike Kellen

Michael Kellen, PhD

Director of Technology and Software Development,

Sage Bionetworks

Seattle, Washington, USA.

email: mike.kellen [at]

Dr. Kellen is Director of Technology and Software Development at Sage Bionetworks, a non-profit research institute focused on improving human health by promoting open science. In this role he leads the team developing Synapse, serving the needs of Sage researchers and the broader research community. He has over 10 years experience developing software for academic and corporate users in the life sciences, and have brought several innovative and award-winning products to market in this space covering simulation, data capture and analysis workflow, data integration, and team collaboration. Prior to working at Sage Bionetworks, he held a variety of positions with Teranode corporation since joining as the company's first employee in 2002, covering product development, field consulting, product management, and development management. Michael completed a doctorate in bioengineering at the University of Washington in 2002 with a focus in computational biology.

... Mike, at your convenience, please edit and expand on this page, and keep it updated so the community can get to know you better. Welcome! ... (read this if it's your first time editing the Ontolog wiki.) =ppy