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Patrick Hayes

Pat Hayes

Senior Research Scientist

Florida Institute for Human & Machine Cognition ("IHMC")


I engage in research in AI/KR, with an emphasis on logical foundations. I invented the phrases 'situation calculus' and 'naive physics', and did early work on temporal, physical and geographical ontologies. More recently, I have been active in various ontology language standardization efforts, including RDF, OWL, Common Logic and SPARQL, and the IKRIS project devoted to establishing mechanisms for interoperation between divergent ontology frameworks, which gave rise to the IKL language.

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  • COE (Cmap Ontology Editor) - View, edit, browse and compose OWL/RDFS/RDF ontologies through a Cmap-based GUI. To install COE and the user manual, go to website

COE is free, but not open source (which is why its not on the Wiki tools page.) Right now (February 2007) COE development is on hold pending new funding, but we welcome any user feedback, especially any bugs or awkwardness you happen to notice.