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Dr. Ravi Sharma

Dr. Ravi Sharma Senior Enterprise Architect Elk Grove CA USA 95758 email:

Dr. Ravi Sharma is a Senior Enterprise Architect. Dr. Ravi Sharma is an industrial entrepreneur, theoretical nuclear and particle physicist, human space systems scientist, fuel cell and hydrogen technologies specialist, satellite remote sensing and image data systems specialist, an Enterprise Architect with SOA, BPM and modeling expertise and has several decades of computer systems and peripheral manufacturing and IT systems development experience.

Recently he has been contributing and participating on this Wiki and ONTOLOG forum, its Open Ontology Repository activities, also to standards bodies such as Ontology Definition Metamodel(ODM) Task Force and Date-Time Foundation Vocabulary at OMG and also has been Co-chair on Open Ontology Repository Architecture Topic during NIST Ontology Summit 2008.

He has recently been also working As System Design Architect for Catapult Technology on DoD Joint Staff Project - Joint Lessons Learned Information System (JLLIS) that includes multiple SQL Server databases and Meaning Based Computing Semantic Tool (Autonomy) evolving towards a Knowledge Management and Knowledge Sharing System across multiple federal agencies. Earlier he worked at DOE as Contrator for Office of Science and also as a contractor Ontologist for Joint Program Development Office (JPDO) where NASA, FAA, Air-Force (DOD) and NOAA are collaborating on implementing NextGen Airspace Management Systems. He also worked As Contrator for Joint Medical Logistice Functional Design Center on Defense Medical Logistics Information System (DMLSS) for DOD. and at State of Delaware as Consultant Contractor and Enterprise Architect for Dept. of Technology and Information.

He has held significant positions in Academic, Government, Industry and R&D Organizations in US and India. He is a Voting Member of the Fuel Cell Vehicles Technical Standards Committee of SAE and has participated in fuel cell safety and interface standards developments for 5 years.

He has received NASA Apollo Achievement Award. He was Member of Technical Staff at Bell Labs AT&T for 5 years and a GM Professional Fellow and Enterprise Architect for 5 years including one year as Capital Planning Group as credit risk analyst at GMAC. For NASA Apollo, Skylab Programs he helped select, analyze build and design space and ground systems relating to remote sensing and spacecraft contamination analysis as well as work on the Space Station and Space Shuttle and Landsat, EOS (Terra, Aqua, Aura and NPOESS) satellites and ground systems.

He has worked on contracts for NASA (HQ & Goddard Space Flight Center), HUD, BLS, Treasury-BEP, Fannie Mae and the State of Delaware.

He helped Shape the Indian Space Program as Scientific Secretary, Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO), established the National Remote Sensing Agency in India at Hyderabad, developed major program strategies and technically lead them, and received numerous ISRO Awards. He has lead collaboration programs nationally and internationally such as twice being Alternate Delegate from India on the UN Outer Space Committee. He has been on the Board of Directors of American Society of Engineers of India Origin (ASEI National and Capital Chapter) for 8 years and has been a Distinguished Fellow for Life, IETE and held C-Level positions in industry. He has publications in Nuclear and Space journals and also 50+ Technical Reports, Industry Proposals and Program Documents Strategies and White papers. He is Member, Secretary and also Chair of Souvenir Committee of US Indian American Chamber of Commerce.

He received his B.Sc. from Rajasthan University and M. Sc. From Royal Institute of Science, Bombay University India and came to US in 1963, received Ph. D. at University of Florida, and carried out Post-doctoral research at Yale University. He has held teaching and research positions at Michigan, Temple, Yale, and Florida Universities in the US and also at Indian Institute of Science. He is listed in Who-is-Who in the US.

He is also active in learning Sanskrit and Vedas and science content in them.

  • His future interests include Ontology, Semantic tools and applications, information sciences, energy and fuel cells, astrophysics, science policy and development.

While at Vangent, he worked on various Government and Industry Communities of Practice (CoP) including Vangent Corporate CoP, dealing with EA, BPM, Training, Rational Unified Process, etc. He has also contributed to Healthcare Architectures and Business Process Modeling (BPM) using Metis Troux Architecture tool and also for Centers for Medicare and medicaid Services (CMS) of the Federal Health and Human Services Department.

Dr Sharma has also worked as consultant for State Level Agencies such as CA Department of Health Care Services and Delaware Department of Technology and Information. He has also worked on NIEM XML exchanges.