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Calendar of Relevant Calls that may be of Professional Interest to the Ontolog Community

Ontolog members are invited to post relevant calls, requests and solicitations

(like call-for-papers, requests-for-information (RFI), solicitation-for-grant-proposals,

call-for-collaboration-partners, call-for-team-members, ... etc.)

on open events, open competition or other open processes on this page, for the

general interest of our members and the ontology community-at-large.

Ontolog members: please post if you are involved (organizing, presenting) at the event.

Please do not post information on 'member-only' or 'private' calls.

A short entry, in reverse chronological order of the deadline date should be made.

(Please refer to other entries as examples, and keep the format consistent.)

Please make sure you include a link pointing to the event website (where more details can be found)

as well as your name and contact, or a point contact for further information (if that's not you).

The Ontolog co-conveners reserve the right to remove any entry that they deem inappropriate. =ppy/2006.11.03

Call Deadlines in Year 2006 - see: RelevantCallsOfInterest2006

Call Deadlines in Year 2007 - see: RelevantCallsOfInterest2007

Call Deadlines in Year 2008 - see: RelevantCallsOfInterest2008

Call Deadlines in Year 2008 - see: RelevantCallsOfInterest2009

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