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Calendar of Relevant Open Events in 2007 that may be of Professional Interest to the Ontolog Community

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  • October 15-17, 2007 - International Conference on Enterprise Systems Theory and Theory in Action - 2007: to be held in Palatine IL USA (Chicago area). Main topics include the creation and utilization of an enterprise systems theory treating enterprises *as* systems in the (general) systems theoretic sense and resulting from the mergence of a number of disciplines, for example, economics, law, business, ontology, semiotics (i.e. semantics, syntax, pragmatics), logic, knowledge, communications, process, and other subject matter such as SOA, EA and model driven architecture - ($) - see: Registration menu tab at


  • July 24-27, 2007 - ESAS 2007: 2nd IEEE International Workshop on Engineering Semantic Agent Systems, being held in conjunction with the 31st IEEE Annual International Computer Software and Applications Conference (COMPSAC 2007) in Beijing, China. Paper submission deadline is March 20, 2007. Proceedings will be printed as part of 31st COMPSAC by the IEEE Computer Society Press - ($) - see: Registration menu tab at


Construction of Structured Knowledge] at WWW2007 - Banff, Alberta, Canada - (free) - see:

  • May 8-10, 2007 - SIN 2007: International Conference on Security in Information and Networks, Salamis Bay Conti Resort Hotel, Gazimagusa (TRNC), North Cyprus, Turkey - ($) - Among main topics: Security ontology, models, protocols & policies; Semantics of security;

Web security; and, Semantic Web and semantic Web services. The event comprises invited talks, refereed papers, workshops and tutorials. For due dates, see


  • March 14, 2007 - The Tortoise vs the Hare - Ontology vs Folksonomy. SDForum in silicon valley is going to have the second semantic web event on 3/14. Join us to hear Timothy Redmond of Stanford explain how and why Protege is so successful, and to hear Jeff Pollock of Oracle explain the business motivations for investing in ontologies, and why the market for ontology-based products is so much larger than the market for folksonomy-based products. See event page on SDForum calendar for details

( Hope to see you there. -AJ

  • March 9-10, 2007 -

Metaphorum-2007 Conference around Stafford Beer heritage . New Developments of Organizational Cybernetics after Stafford Beer ( a report of Dr Allena Leonard and Dr Angela Espinosa )

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