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Selja Seppälä

Dr. Selja Seppälä is a lecturer in the Department of Business Information Systems at University College Cork (UCC), Ireland.

Her interdisciplinary research aims at: – developing NLP resources (e.g., annotated datasets, methods and models) leveraging knowledge representation artefacts, such as ontologies, to advance the automated processing of domain-specific texts, especially legal documents; – laying the groundwork for developing computer-assisted natural language definition writing tools leveraging ontological data. Such tools are intended to be used by terminologists and ontologists, as well as domain experts such as scientists and lawyers. This work focuses on the automation of definition production, editing, and checking in dictionaries, legal documents, technical manuals, and ontologies.

Her research includes work on ontology mapping and versioning, mapping of lexico-semantic resources to ontologies, as well as the use of corpus linguistics and NLP techniques and methods to process data. Her primary domains of expertise are NLP, terminology, and applied ontology.