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Discuss the definition(s) of Ontology.

I would like to see Nicola Guarino's definitions (of Ontology) included on the main page:

"An ontology makes explicit people's distinctions and assumptions about the nature and structure of a portion of the world (the domain of discourse)

A computational ontology is an engineered artifact representing an intended interpretation of a vocabulary in a machine-readable form distinguishing and describing the nature and structure of a domain of discourse"

AlexShkotin I would like to emphasize on this main page that our ONTOLOG community is primarily an engineering community. The terminological coincidence of our abbreviated term "ontology" from the full term "formal ontology", which is actually equivalent to the not so inspiring term "knowledge base", should not lead us into the special philosophical discipline of ontology. For which, in extreme cases, we can create a special section.

NG description is too abstract: distinctions, assumptions does not mean ontology - we make these every days a lot. And "the nature", "structure" - what about a way of movement "of a portion of the world"...