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Tania Tudorache

Tania Tudorache, PhD

Member of Research Staff

Stanford Medical Informatics,

Stanford University School of Medicine

Stanford, California, USA

Dr. Tudorache is an engineering research associate in the Protégé group of the Stanford Medical Informatics department. She has received her PhD in Computer Science from the Technical University of Berlin, Germany in 2006. Dr. Tudorache has gained a lot of experience in ontology-based domain modeling and semantic application development during her employment at DaimlerChrysler Research and Technology in Germany. She has studied the use of semantic technologies for improving the engineering process, developing ontologies for modeling product views, employing mappings to check their consistency and to support applications interoperability. Since she has joined the Protégé group in 2006, Dr. Tudorache has been active in the development and support of the Protégé ontology editor. Her main research interest is the collaborative ontology development process.

Ref. Dr. Tudorache's invited talk on "Collaborative Ontology Development in Protégé" at: ConferenceCall_2007_10_04