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I'm a formal ontologist, philosopher, and aspiring student, actively and globally searching for study or work opportunities. Output includes over 20 written works since 2011, international standards, agency manuals, reports, and collaborative projects. Focus areas include: terminology and knowledge representation; conceptual modeling; upper or foundational ontology; foundational concepts; ontology development methodology; ontology for aerospace, maritime, and emergency response; ethics of/in ontology. Schedule a Meeting here and Hire me for Ontology Services here. Contact at rrovetto[at]terpalum[dot]umd[dot]edu or via this webpage

Projects that need support

For hire / Open to Opportunities

(Willing to relocate internationally. Authorized to work in multiple locations.)

  • Open to regular employment or temp or consulting or contract roles. Any level: junior, entry-, mid, apprenticeship.
  • Direct hire for ontology consulting
  • Searching for educational opportunities as a PhD student. Open to lesser degrees.
  • Searching for formal support for my space ontology project
    • Desired, since 2011, as my PhD thesis (documentation of ideation and work since 2009 available on request)
    • Open to sponsors, patrons, and donations
    • Seeking mentors and supporters

Written works (sample)

Education & Training

  • M.A. Philosophy, with applied ontology focus, and courses from multiple departments; The State University of New York.
  • B.A. Philosophy, with Minor in Business & Management w/Information Technology focus; University of Maryland.
  • Graduate coursework in M.S., Space Studies; AMU (incomplete, TBD pending opportunities)
  • Training & Expertise in: Maritime operations, boat operations, and water search & rescue. Certified commercial merchant marine.

Relevant Experience (Topical CV/resumes available on request)

  • International experience. Authorized to work in various nations.
  • Ontology & MBSE project experience. Agile team experience
  • Contributed to two foundational/top-level ontologies (YAMATO, and BFO)
  • Approx. 25 written works and 20+ presentations since 2011.

Service Experience (selected)

Selected Interests

  • Philosophy (general)
    • Metaphysics: causality/causation, space & time, laws of nature, misc.
    • Ethics & moral philosophy
    • various
  • Symbolic logic
  • Ontology (formal, philosophical, applied)
    • Generic/Foundational ontology & ontologies
    • Methodological and ethical aspects of ontology and similar types of system
  • Space: astronautics, astronomy, policy, law, spatio-temporality
  • Marine safety, boat operations, search & rescue