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Duane Nickull

Duane Nickull

Uberity Systems

duane (at) uberity (dot) com

Duane Nickull

Senior Data Architect & Adobe LiveCycle ES Consultant

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Duane Nickull was the chair of the OASIS SOA Reference Model Technical Committee and served on a number of Web Service related standards development efforts. He is currently an Executive of Uberity, an enterprise software developer and system integrator with a focus on delivering data to the third wave of the internet, mobile devices. As a former Senior Standards Strategist for Adobe Systems, Duane Nickull was responsible for managing Adobe’s participation in OASIS and UN/CEFACT, as well as ensuring that Adobe’s enterprise solutions support emerging XML standards. Previously Mr. Nickull co-founded Yellow Dragon Software Corporation, a privately held developer of XML messaging and metadata management software, recently acquired by Adobe.

Mr. Nickull served as a Vice Chair of the United Nations Centre for Facilitation of Commerce and Trade (UN/CEFACT) where he oversaw the United Nations Electronic Business strategy and architecture. He has served as the project team lead of the United Nations (UN/CEFACT) eBusiness Architecture Group, a technical advisor to the UN/CEFACT – OASIS Joint Coordination Committee (JCC) and a specially appointed liaison between the W3C, UN and OASIS standards consortiums. Additionally, Duane has served as the chair for the United Nation’s Electronic Business Working Group, a direct sub-group of CEFACT TMG and on the CEFACT TMG Steering Committee. He also has served as the Co-lead of the ebXML Technical Architecture group as well as co-editor of that specification starting in 1999.

Mr. Nickull has been called Mr. SOA by his peers during introductions to speak on the subject due to his overwhelming experience writing and contributing to the major Service Oriented Architectures (SOA’s). He is currently chairing the OASIS SOA Technical Committee which is in the process of establishing a global standard reference model for Service Oriented Architectures.

With over 6 years experience in standards bodies as a chair or co-chair, Mr. Nickull possesses a unique ability to delve into both technical and political standards issues while working cohesively within the groups to build consensus and a solution.

Mr. Nickull has written and contributed many technical articles and books on this subject and lectures globally about global electronic business around the world. He also participates in the W3C Web Services Architecture Group.

Prior to 2003 Duane worked for XML Global Technologies, a company he co-founded. He was a co-inventor of the first Context-sensitive XML Search Engine ( and the first web based XML E-Commerce ASP. He is named on pending patents pertaining to XML indexing and retrieval covering 51 unique points. He also served as Technical Director for

He lives in Vancouver, Canada and actively snowboards and mountain bikes.

Speaking Engagements (highlights only):

(NOTE: This list is no longer maintained due to the thousands of additional items)

Dec 2004 – EIDX Industry conference on Semantic Harmonization– Menlo Park, CA

Nov 2004 – XML 2004 - Washington, DC

Oct 2004 – UN/CEFACT Capacity Building Workshop – Geneva, Switzerland

September 2004 – XML Web Services Conference – London, UK

May 2004 – XML Europe 2004 – Amsterdam, Netherlands

Mar 2004 – Canadian Governments Strategic IM e-Enabler plenary final.

Feb 2004 – United States Department of Justice 2 day plenary session speaker

Feb 2004 – Deutsches Bundesrepublik Ministerium (German Government) priv. meeting.

Feb 2004 – United Kingdom Ministry of Defense (MOD)

Jan 2004 – US Integrated Justice Information Services, Plenary presentation

Dec 2003 – United States Government Services Admin., 3 day XML Workshop.

June 2003 – Ottawa, Canadian Government 3 day intensive - XML Registry / Repository

June 2003 – JavaOne, Moscone Centre San Francisco – Speaker on Metadata Registries

Feb 2003 – Ottawa, Ont. Standards Council of Canada (SCC) workshop on XML

Feb 2003 – Ottawa, Ont. Government of Canada FAP2 – Full day

Jan 2003 – New York, NY Linuxworld – XML data integration

Nov 2002 – Vancouver, Western Canada’s eBusiness Day

June 2002 – Portland, STAR Standards in Automotive Retail

May 2002 – Barcelona, SP - XML Europe – XML Tutorial – 4 hours

May 2002 – ebXML Day in Europe (OASIS) Co-keynote

Mar 2002 – Belgium - CEN/ISSS –eBes ebXML workshop Europe

Feb 2002 – Copenhagen – Danish Standards Association Annual Event (keynote)

Fall 2001 – Copenhagen – XML Scandinavia (keynote)

May 2001 - Berlin, XML Europe

May 2001 – Vienna, ebXML Boot Camp

2001 – Service Oriented Architectures and the future of ebXML and Web Services - Toyko

2000 – Seoul, Korea – KIEC Annual Conference (keynote)

25+ including several keynotes


Professional ebXML Foundations – Wrox Press

ebXML: The New Global Standard for Doing Business on the Internet

Recent White Papers:

Dec 2004 – Defining an SOA Reference Model Jan 2003 - A Modeling Methodology to Harmonize Disparate Data Models (A White Paper to aid intelligence gathering capabilities for the Office of Homeland Security)

Volunteer Positions / Appointments:

2003 – UN/CEFACT ATG Core Components naming conventions

2003 - CHAIR, OASIS eBusiness Service Oriented Architecture TC

2003 – CHAIR, OASIS Registry sub group – CC-Review committee

2003 - Sun Linux Expert Advisory Panel – 1 of 15 internationally selected experts

2003 - OASIS eGovernment Technical Committee (Participant)

2003 - LegalXML Lawful Intercept Technical Committee (Participant)

2002 - UN/CEFACT eBusiness Working Group Chair

2001 - UN/CEFACT TMG eBusiness Architecture Project Group lead

2002 - ebXML Joint Coordination Committee Technical Advisor (1 of 6)

2002 - ebXML Joint Coordination Committee liaison to W3C Consortium

1999 - Chief Editor / Co-chair – ebXML Technical Architecture Project Team


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