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Michelle Raymond

Michelle Raymond

Knowledge Technologist,

Knowledge Interaction Consultants,

Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA

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About Michelle

Michelle Raymond is a Researcher, Knowledge Technologist and Consultant at Knowledge Interaction Consultants. She has a talent for enabling big-picture concept generation while maintaining meticulous attention to detail. Michelle uses an iterative-planning approach to technology development roadmaps and long-range project plans. She gets involved with technology projects at all levels, enjoying both enterprise level framework design and prototype implementation.

Michelle is the Lead of the Floor Plan Working Group within the NIST directed Building Information Exchange for First Responders effort. She has extended the NIST working group to include additional collaborators through the Ontolog , Building Services Performance" (BSP) project of which she is a co-convener. The deliverables of this joint Floor Plan Data Exchange working group, although first showcasing emergency response, are designed to be extendable into other domains with energy management first on the list of extensions.

As Principal Investigator and Project Manager for the Honeywell internally-funded Interaction Design System (IDS), Michelle made significant technical contributions to a mission-driven, model-based data presentation system. IDS has been showcased for multiple uses, including Future Combat Systems, Unified Incident Command and Decision Support, Augmented Cognition and Eldercare Home Assistance.

In 2004, Michelle and two team members received one of eleven Honeywell International, Technical Achievement Awards given that year. The award was for achieving technology transfer of a research concept through to product-on-the-market within two years. The product, called First Vision, is a facility-model visualization and decision-support tool for fire responders. She continues to do research and technology transfer to extend First Vision's capabilities.

Additionally, Michelle has contributed to research in abnormal situation management, personalized emergency alerting, fire fighter information displays, reasoning systems for site security event detection, access control data analysis and visualization, airport lighting control maintenance, process control procedures modeling, building management system alarm monitoring for multi-site commercial retailers and a variety of other subject areas. It's easy to see why she says, "I'm never bored."

Michelle has provided educational outreach through workshops and presentations on many topics. These topics include: facility specific information, user interface design to aid in situation-awareness and decision-support, incident command systems, and best-practices for web-enabled applications. The materials for these engagements stem from:

  1. Work for Honeywell
  2. Service on standards development committees or as a specification reviewer, including:
  • Co-editor of the Emergency Data eXchange Language Distribution Element (EDXL-DE) OASIS standard, which has been adopted by many government agencies including DHS and GSA
  • Industry feedback provider for the Open Automated Demand Response Specification (OpenADR). Feedback was provided to the Demand Response Research Center funded by California's Public Interest Energy Research Program (PIER) and managed by Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory.
  • Chair of the National Electrical Manufacturers Association's SB 30 Building Information Data Exchange committee.
  1. Ties with the work of many other professionals through communities of practice, such as:
  • GSA hosted Collaboration Expedition Workshops
  • Ontolog, BuildingServicePerformance
  • Citizen Corps and Minnesota-ISAC (now Infragard)
  • IRSC

Two main goals Michelle has for her current activities are:

  • Enable tools and services aggregating Campus/Facility/Building information and other data sources through ontology engineering and advances in mission-driven, modular, scalable system architecture and infrastructure design
  • Participate in proof-of-concept implementation and analysis of a

Communities and projects involvement

Previous involvements

  • Organizing Committee member: Ontology Summit 2008: Toward and Open Ontology Repository
  • Content Committee chair: Ontology Summit 2008: Toward and Open Ontology Repository
  • Repository Architecture champion: Ontology Summit 2008: Toward and Open Ontology Repository
  • Panelist: ConferenceCall_2008_02_14 Ontolog Technical Discussion: Ontology Applications in Emergency Response (Take-2)
  • Panelist: ConferenceCall_2007_01_25 Ontolog Technical Discussion: Ontology Applications in Emergency Response
  • more to be added

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