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OntologySummit2008: "Toward an Open Ontology Repository"

Homepage for the 2008 Ontology Summit, a joint NIST-Ontolog-NCOR initiative.

What's New

on 29-April-2008

  • Thursday, 07-Feb-2008 - The Joint NIST-Ontolog-NCOR OntologySummit2008, entitled: "Toward An Open Ontology Repository" was officially launched, at this virtual event chaired by Dr. Steven Ray (NIST). Please refer to details on the session page, at: ConferenceCall_2008_02_07 ... Audio archives of the session is now available!   


Theme: "Toward an Open Ontology Repository"

Description, Goals & Objectives:

The theme of the 2008 Ontology Summit is the vision of an Open Ontology Repository. This vision forms the basis of the international Open Ontology Repository community, and this year's summit will support the effort to produce such a repository (or set of repositories) by serving as a venue - both virtual and face-to-face - in which many of the issues relating to the design, implementation, and ongoing use of an ontology repository can be discussed and ultimately resolved. In particular, these issues will include the themes of the 2006 and 2007 Ontology Summits (Upper Ontologies, and a framework for classification of ontologies, respectively), and this year's summit will thus also provide an opportunity to revisit the conclusions reached at those two prior meetings.

The Team

Laboratory of Applied Ontology] (Trento & Rome) (NicolaGuarino & AldoGangemi)

  • Conveners:
    • these are key participants who provided substantive contribution to the OntologySummit2008 initiative through:
      • the online discourse,
      • the research and subsequent synthesis work,
      • authoring/presentation of various relevant positions and perspectives (for this Summit),
      • preparing the drafts of relevant documentation and our Summit "Communique" (which were then collaboratively reviewed and adopted during the face-to-face meetings),
    • participants at the face-to-face meetings (either on-site or remotely), and
    • all members of the organizing committee
    • to these conveners, who made this initiative a reality, we express our deepest appreciation and gratitude.

You are cordially invited to join us!

  • Like all activities Ontolog has been hosting, this is open to everyone.
    • Do join us if you concur with the theme and objective of this endeavor and would like to participate in, or follow the progress of the discourse
  • specific individuals who may be interested include (but not limit to):
    • members of the OpenOntologyRepository initiative
    • ontology, taxonomy and terminology repository/repository stewards
    • ontology, taxonomy and terminology repository/repository technology developers
    • upper and domain ontology researchers and developers
    • ontology-based application developers and implementors
    • active players in the ontology community
    • potential user organizations
    • potential funders of ontology and ontological engineering work
    • representatives from International Standards Bodies
    • thought leaders and active contributors of the semantic technology community
    • leaders of the semantic web community
    • people in academia, research, industry and the web working on sharing knowledge, semantic interoperability, knowledge representation, artificial intelligence ... who are engaged in the research, development, engineering and implementation of these subject matters
  • Please join us in the "Ontology Summit 2008" virtual discourse (as one of the conveners of this initiative),
    • If you are already an Ontolog Member:
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      • to browse the forum archives, see:
      • when posting to the list, please prepend new thread subjects with the Main Topic area

keyword enclosed in square brackets [ ], as noted in the distribution list introductory email. For example a new thread on a Federated Approach to Ontology Repository Architecture would have the subject: [repository-arch]Federated Approach to Ontology Architecture.

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    • If you are not already an Ontolog Member:
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Discussion Archives & Shared-File Workspace

  • Discussion Archives:
    • [ontology-summit] - Ontology Summit 2008 Convener's discussion Archives - (open)
      • to participate in the virtual discourse, please subscribe to this [ontology-summit] forum (the convener's mailing list), by sending an empty (no message body is needed) message to: ontology-summit-join [at]
    • [ontology-summit-org] - Ontology Summit 2008 Organizing Committee List Archives - (password protected)

Conference Call, Meeting & Workshop

Ontology Summit 2008 face-to-face Sessions - 28~29-April-2008 - Gaithersburg, Maryland, USA

  • (For the record:) Registration for the 28~29-Apr-2008 Summit (face-to-face) Workshop at NIST (Gaithersburg, Maryland, USA) was open (between 17-March-2008 through 21-Apr-2008):
    • to register, please goto the NIST Interoperability Week website at:
      • Note that availability of conference-rate rooms at the hotel cuts-off on Sun 2008.04.13; and the pre-registration for the events at the NIST website (see above) closes on Mon 2008.04.21
    • You may attend the event on-site or remotely. There is no registration fee for either mode of attendance. Pre-registration is required if you plan to be attend physically (as NIST is a government facility.)
    • Remote (only) attendees may register and access conference call details here.
    • "Demo Evening" - we will be having a casual evening event at the hotel on Mon 2008.04.28; participants can sign up to give demonstration of their current Ontology repository and registry work, or just spend the time to see those demos or network with other participants - preview and/or sign-up at: OntologySummit2008_Demonstrations
    • Carpooling is recommended for on-site attendees because the NIST parking lot is limited. The Carpooling Page can be used to start or join a carpool.

Open / Convener Sessions

  • 2008_04_24 - Thursday: meeting slot reserved for final Ontology Summit 2008 workshop preparation and sync-up (among all organizers and participants) - ConferenceCall_2008_04_24   

Content Committee Sessions

Organizing Committee Sessions

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