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Technical and Implementation Issues

  • Panel Discussion: "SUMO, OpenCyc Upper Ontology & DOLCE: Compare and Contrast" - OntologDiscussion/CommonUpperOntologies - proposed: PeterYim / 2005-01-20
    • considerations: maybe we should do this AFTER we have had individual speaker sessions specifically on Cyc and DOLCE
    • also: consider doing this jointly with SICoP and/or their CUO-WG
  • Protege-KIF: ontologies and reasoning - /Protege_and_KIF - proposed: NicolasRouquette / 2005-03-03
  • Discussion to setup an ontolog project where SUMO would provide the ontology for tagging the forum's pages and for reasoning about tagged pages, such as, view-based ontological queries - OntologDiscussion/OntologSUMO - proposed: NicolasRouquette / 2005-03-03
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Management and Standards Issues

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Mixed & Other Issues

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