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Notes and Scratch Pad to help with the Meeting-Workshop Planning

People's Availability and Scheduling Preferences (in the Washington DC Area around the time of our F2F)

Fixed: Tue July 6, 2004 - Workshop at the Protege Conference - NIH, Bethesda, MD

  • BobSmith: arriving Mon 2004.07.05 Staying at_Park Inn Suites (301-881-5200) Departing on Fri July 9th__[nid 4]
  • PeterYim: have another workshop at NSF on Tue 2004.07.13 that I am attending. Therefore, I am planning to be in town the whole time (between 7/6 to 7/13 inclusive, at least). Prefer to have all the other events scheduled between these two dates.
  • PatCassidy:
  • KurtConrad:
  • BoNewman:
  • BillMcCarthy:
  • EvanWallace: local