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Most Critical Task(s) At Hand

  • The existing import program places every logical element of a SKIF ontology into some meaningful data element in the Protege knowledge base.
  • The exact location in Protege is in some cases obvious -- as with classes and relations (slots in Protege). But there are options about how to present some of the logical elements. From the point of representation and viewing, what is needed most is for users to try viewing the Invoice ontology (current version SMINK011) in the Protege viewer and provide feedback as to whether the data elements should appear in some other location or in some other form.
  • The main deficiency in the Protege view of a SKIF file is the inability at present to export the file in Protege back into SKIF format. This means that the Protege environment can be used only as a browser at present, not as a development environment for SKIF files.

What's New

This version contains all of the ten ebXML Core Component Types (and all 16 provided by Tim) and relates them to the upper ontology.
These form the basis for representation of invoices, orders, and other business documents.
Comments from any party on any aspect of these suggested representations will be highly appreaciated.
  • A description of the Protege representation of the suggested core component types was presented by Pat Cassidy, as the ontolog invited speaker, during ConferenceCall_2004_03_11

Key Date(s) to Note

Project Mission

To take the data in a SKIF file, import it into the Protege browser, and present the data in a manner that makes it easier to understand than the base text files.

Project Work-in-Progress

The current version of the import program and the ontology data base will not be significantly modified until discussion has indicated in which direction further work should go.

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Project Plan

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  • ConferenceCall_2004_03_11