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Calendar of Relevant Open Events in 2010 that may be of Professional Interest to the Ontolog Community

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  • 27~28-October-2010 - STIDS 2010 - The 5th International Conference on Semantic Technologies for Intelligence, Defense, and Security (STIDS 2010), formerly the "Ontology for the Intelligence Community (OIC)" conference - George Mason University, Fairfax, Virginia, USA - see:




  • 24~26-March-2010 - Protege-OWL Short Course - Stanford, California, USA - ($$ or $ for students) - The Protege-OWL Short Course provides an in-depth introduction to the field of ontology engineering using Protege-OWL. The course is taught by members of the Protege team in facilities located on the Stanford campus. Enrollment is limited to ensure optimal learning experiences. The target audience members are beginner and intermediate users of Protege-OWL and a 10% discount is offered for groups of 5 or more people from the same organization. Online registration now available.

CSHALS returns for its third year as the premier annual event focused on the use of semantic technologies in the pharmaceutical industry, including hospitals/healthcare institutions and academic research labs. CSHALS is intended for anyone already participating in this groundbreaking field, and a pre-conference tutorial is offered to help interested researchers come up to speed on the practical approaches of applying intelligent information technologies in pharmaceutical R&D. The following provides more information on program details. If this describes you, register now

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