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SemanticWiki -- a virtual mini-series jointly organized by FZI Karlsruhe, Mayo Clinic, Ontolog, RPI Tetherless World Constellation and Salzburg Research, Austria


  • Session-5: 2009_02_12 - Thursday: SemanticWiki mini-series session 5: "Semantic Wiki Applications & Use Cases (2): horizontal applications" - Co-chairs: Dr. Li Ding (RPI) & Dr. Jie Bao (RPI) - Panelists: Mr. Yaron Koren on "External Data in Semantic MediaWiki", Mr. Philipp Zaltenbach on "MWSearch", Professor Peter Dolog on "Tag Based Recommendations in KIWI", Mr. Mike Axelrod on "Fostering collaboration and wiki culture in a large corporate environment", Mr. Marc Feickert on "FamilySearch" and Mr. JoelNatividad on "Visualizing Semantic Inline Query Results with SRF-Ploticus" - ConferenceCall_2009_02_12
  • Session-4: 2009_01_22 - Thursday: SemanticWiki mini-series session 4: "Semantic Wiki Applications & Use Cases (1): vertical applications" - Chair: Mr. Mike Dean (BBN) & Mr. Peter P. Yim (Ontolog; CIM3) - Panelists: Mr. Harold Solbrig & Dr. Guoqian Jiang (Mayo Clinic) on "LexWiki, BiomedGT and the WHO ICD11 Wiki"; Dr. Jie Bao (RPI/TWC) on "Mesh-up of Maps and Events in Semantic Wiki"; Mr. Christoph Lange (Jacobs University) on "Semantic Wikis in Mathematics" - ConferenceCall_2009_01_22
  • Session-3: 2008_12_11 - Thursday: SemanticWiki mini-series session 3: "Semantic Wiki Technology (2): MediaWiki, Semantic MediaWiki, Extensions, Add-on's and other Enhancements" - Chair: Max Voelkel - Panelists: Yaron Koren (Semantic Forms, Semantic Drilldown, Semantic Result Formats, Semantic Google Maps, Semantic Compound Queries and Data Transfer), Daniel Hansch & Mark Greaves (the SMW Halo extension), Raphael Volz (a Rules Prototype in SMW), Peter P. Yim & Ken Baclawski (PMWX - Fine-Grained Addressability in Purple MediaWiki and Purple SemanticMediaWiki), and, Jie Bao (Concept Modeling on SMW) - ConferenceCall_2008_12_11
  • Launch sessions: 2008_10_23 - Thursday: SemanticWiki mini-series Launch Event: "A Survey of the Landscape and State-of-Art in Semantic Wiki" - Co-chair: Sebastian Schaffert & Max Voelkel - ConferenceCall_2008_10_23
  • Mini-series event planning and preparation - see: /Prep

Objective & Plan

Title: Semantic Wikis: The Wiki Way to the Semantic Web

Format: a 6-month mini-series comprising Talks, Panel Discussions and Online Discourse.
Description & Objectives: This Semantic Wiki mini-series, co-organized by FZI Karlsruhe, Mayo Clinic, Ontolog, RPI Tetherless World Constellation and Salzburg Research, Austria, represents a collaborative effort between members from academia, research, software engineering, semantic web and ontology communities. The 6-month mini-series intends to bring together developers, administrators and users of semantic wikis, and provide a platform where they can conveniently share ideas and insights. Through a series of (mainly virtual) talks, panel discussions, online discourse and even face-to-face meetings, participants will survey the state-of-the-art in semantic wiki technology and get exposure to exemplary use cases and applications. Together, they will study trends, challenges and the outlook for semantic wikis, and explore opportunities for collaboration in this very promising technology, approach or philosophy that people has labeled "semantic wiki."
This series of virtual events will dovetail into the face-to-face workshop: "Social Semantic Web: Where Web 2.0 Meets Web 3.0" at the AAAI Spring Symposium (March 23-25, 2009 at Stanford, California, USA - see: )

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