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A "word" that is created by munching up two or more words, with each of them capitalized.

  • for example: SandBox (where the WikiWord "SandBox" comes from "Sand" and "Box"), PurpleNumbers, MeetingsCalls, WikiStyleGuide, ... etc.
  • this format is sometimes known as "upper camel case", and therefore, a WikiWord is a "word" that is in upper camel case.
  • within this wiki, a WikiWord gets automatically linked -- which means, if you type a WikiWord, and a page exists under that name, you will be able to click on the WikiWord, and be hyperlinked to that page.
  • if the page does not exist, a dotted-line underscore (with a link) will be automatically placed under the word. When one clicks on that link, he/she will be taken to a page creation dialog box, where one can start putting content into the said page.

see also: InterMap