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OntologySummit2010: Present "Quality" - community input

This is the workspace for community input to the focused discussion outlined below ...

Track Label: Quality - Subtrack Label: Present

Track Co-champions: ArturoSanchez and AntonyGalton

Mission: The track mission is to survey the existing forms of quality assurance (e.g., accreditation, certification, and licensure) for programs, courses, and professionals.

Pertinent questions:

  • By what bodies, if any, are the programmes identified as having substantial ontological content currently accredited?
  • By what bodies, if any, are ontology professionals currently certified?
  • What other forms of quality assurance exist that may be relevant to the track mission?


(Please insert your remarks below. Kindly identify yourself and date you input.)

Comments / Feedback on Survey Questions which target Content Quality Assurance Presently: Please add your comments/feedback below (indented as shown by the sample entry below)

  • What are the quality criteria and measures that can be used to create curriculae relating to quality-based training for ontologists? (RaviSharma).
  • This is a test. (-PeterYim / 2009.12.16-07:30 PST)