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  • posted: 2011.02.03 - California Digital Library is looking for a Semantic Web Developer, located in the SF Bay area to implement a new open-source digital format registry based on linked data (
    • Oversight for the project rests with a group of stakeholders drawn from academic and national libraries and archives around the world,including the University of California, Harvard University, the Florida Center for Library Automation, the Library of Congress, Library and Archives Canada, the British Library, the UK and US National Archives, the Koniklijke Bibliotheek and Nationaal Archief of

the Netherlands, and many others.

    • The project is funded by the Library of Congress as part of its National Digital Information Infrastructure Preservation Program.
    • The position is located in the Uptown district of Oakland, California.
    • For more information and to apply:


  • posted: 2010.10.18 - DSCI is looking for a Metadata Environment Expert, located in the NY/NJ/DC/MD area to..
    • Manage design and implementation of a metadata population service for assigning metadata values to discoverable assets. Ability to Understand a credible methodology/approach to building and/or configuring a software product to allow an operator to manually populate DDMS elements for XML payloads, Web Ontology Language (OWL) files, and XML Schema Definition (XSD) files.
    • Create runtime metadata registries for storing semantic vocabulary artifacts such as OWL files, XML schemata (XSD), and namespaces. Address the approach for the registry to contain vocabulary assets and services that support delivery of those assets.
    • For more information go to
  • posted: 2010.05.05 -

The AI center at SRI International is looking for a highly creative Computer Scientist to join a team of researchers building evaluation driven knowledge based systems. We are seeking an individual with a strong background in knowledge representation, knowledge capture tools, and ontologies with a pragmatic and engineering-oriented outlook. For more details, please see:

  • posted: 2010.01.11 - Assistant Professorship, Knowledge Organization, University at Buffalo (Buffalo, New York, USA.)
    • Knowledge Organization - The Department of Library and Information Studies in the Graduate School of Education (GSE/LIS) seeks a colleague who will join us in the quest of bringing people and information together to transform lives. Specifically we seek someone who brings an interdisciplinary perspective to advancing our understanding of the organization of knowledge in the mind and in information systems and how information flows from one to the other, an essential element in this quest.
    • We take a broad view of knowledge organization and welcome candidates from any of the several disciplines that contribute to it.
    • Opportunity to work with the Buffalo Ontology group and other groups across the campus.
    • Assistant Professor. PhD required.
    • Applications are accepted until the position is filled.
    • More information at
    • Only electronic applications at (Posting Number 1000026)
    • Inquiries to Dagobert Soergel, Chair, Department of Library and Information Studies 716-645-1474 O 703-585-2840 Cell


  • December 23, 2007: Two applied and theoretical Ontologist positions (doctoral or postgraduate) available immediately at the University of Bremen, Germany.
    • The positions will be associated with the Department of Applied Linguistics and Computational Linguistics and will work in close cooperation with the Ontology Group of the Transregional Collaborative Research Center - Spatial Cognition (SFB/TR8). Responsibilities of the positions include the development and evaluation of formal ontologies and their application within a large EU-funded project for developing and integrating a broad range of services for young elderly and elderly people. The ontologies developed in the project must be formally defined and supportive of application in real-world systems. Successful candidates will need to carry out advanced research in ontological development and to interact with industrial partners for ontology application.
    • See:
    • Application deadline: until filled.
  • Sept 12, 2007: Applied Ontologist position open at Ontology Works:
    • Our Applied Ontologists work to develop and update ontologies for customers, train customers to create and maintain their own ontologies with our software, and work with software engineers to create solutions for customer and internal projects.
    • application deadline: Oct 31, 2007
  • May 21, 2007: I am looking for people interested in doing occasional contractual work in the domains of ontology research and information modelling, for our company based in Vienna, Austria. See Pensive web site for details). Location is not necessarily an issue as most of the work is undertaken by teleworking. See also Peter Brown for more information.
  • May 9, 2007: The World Bank, Information Quality Group is recruiting for a Data Architect. This is a Senior Information Officer position, local to Washington, DC, USA with a 2 year appointment term. See the World Bank job post for details. Application deadline: 2007.05.30 (input from Denise Bedford / 2007.05.17)
  • March 20, 2007: SAIC Ontology Engineer for Emergency Response Team in Sumerset, KY. Please see following link for

additional full job description and to apply: SAIC Job Descrption See following for additional background: BrandKNiemann/EmergencyReponseOntologyLinks - (closed)

  • Ontologist Position (Postdoctoral Fellowship) - The National Center for Biomedical Ontology seeks applicants for a post-doctoral research position to work on projects relating to applications of ontology in medicine and biology. The position is for an initial period of one year. See the 2007.02.01 post from Barry Smith <> - Application deadline: 2007.03.20