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Session Board of Trustees
Duration 1.5 hour
Date/Time Aug 30 2017 16:30 GMT
9:30am PDT/12:30pm EDT
4:30pm GMT/5:30pm CET
Convener KenBaclawski

Board of Trustees Meeting


1. Report on the planning for the Ontology Summit 2018

The first Ontology Summit 2018 planning meeting will be held on 6 September 2017. See ConferenceCall_2017_09_06 for details.

2. Discussion of the theme and tracks for the Ontology Summit 2018

See Blog:OntologySummit2018Themes

3. Discussion of the starting time for Ontology Summit sessions

A doodle poll has been posted.

4. Formation of the Ontology Summit Organizing Committee

5. AOB

6. Next meeting

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  • Date: Wednesday, 30-August-2017
  • Start Time: 9:30am PDT / 12:30pm EDT / 6:30pm CEST / 5:30pm BST / 1630 UTC
  • Expected Call Duration: ~1.5 hours
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[12:34] KenBaclawski: Leo Obrst had some interesting comments on the triangle on Blog:OntologySummit2018Themes: I'd say that the real angles of the Triangle are Ontology, Semantics, and Pragmatics (being Context largely). In fact, I'd say that Semantics-Pragmatics is a spectrum, and probably is just one angle. But I'm willing to suspend judgment. Context (Pragmatics or Semantics-In-Context), is largely Intent, Use, and Action. In the agent world, the closest approx. is BDI (Belief, Desire, Intent) agents, primarily modal operators. Speech act theory, situation semantics, Kamp/Heim Discourse Representation Theory (DRT)/file-change semantics, and the fairly recent dynamic semantics, fit the bill. Languages such as IKL (IKRIS) have a context logic built into them, but hybrid logic will typically fit the bill: A thread of this got its start with Labelled Deduction, wherein multiple logics were combined. We had a brief poster on this in 2005:

Obrst, L, D. Nichols. 2005. Context and Ontologies: Contextual Indexing of Ontological Expressions. AAAI 2005 Workshop on Context and Ontologies, poster, AAAI 2005, July 9-13, Pittsburgh, PA.

In fact, Patrick Blackburn referred to hybrid logic as internalizing labelled deduction (which typically is composition of logics at a meta-level), i.e., pushing it to the object level:

Blackburn, P. 2000. "Internalizing Labelled Deduction", Journal of Logic and Computation, 10: 137-168.

[12:35] MikeBennett: Looks interesting. Time to use the Summit to expand and extend the science?

[12:39] MikeBennett: Or use the Summit to put the notion of Context to bed once and for all.

[12:43] gary: Note, Our sessions in the Spring will overlap with 1st U.S. Semantic Technologies Symposium, March 1+2, at Wright State University, in Dayton, OH (two full days)

[12:50] KenBaclawski: I move to change the default time/date for meetings to Noon on Wednesdays.

[12:50] KenBaclawski: The motion passes unanimously.

[12:52] KenBaclawski: Objectives: Determine the different ways that the word context is being used, and list research problems in this area.

[12:57] gary: There is some idea of local context when you develop ODPs or break bigger ontologies in micro-theories.

[13:00] MikeBennett: Proposed theme: "Context"

[13:01] KenBaclawski: Tracks will be identified in late October and November. This will be a brainstorming series, possibly with invited speakers.

[13:01] MikeBennett: Current notion (per MB): use first brainstorming session to have people propose a range of things one might mean by Context and have each of these be a Track.

[13:02] John Sowa: It would be good to send a note to Ontolog Forum to announce the topic of context.

[13:03] John Sowa: There are many issues to discuss, and some discussion of the issues, readings, etc., would help clarify the issues, topics, and tracks.

[13:05] KenBaclawski: The goal is to finalize the tracks and track champions by the end of November.

[13:05] MikeBennett: JFS: Announce the theme of Context in the Ontolog Forum and spark off some discussion ahead of the track-setting / brainstorming meeting.

[13:09] KenBaclawski: The 9/6 meeting is a discussion on the the theme of Context. The meeting will also plan the schedule for the Summit.

[13:11] KenBaclawski: The volunteers for the OC will be determined next week (9/6).

[13:12] gary: One obvious reference on this, which I have mentioned in the past is "CONTEXTS IN CONTEXT by Patrick J. Hayes

[13:22] gary: Sorry, I loose some of the audio every now and then.

[13:26] gary: Discussion of how to make the F to F Symposium more attractive. It just sounds like repetitive things. Sowa - Make it with named people and topics to attract people.

[13:27] ToddSchneider: What about wrapping out with a focus on how to apply what

[13:28] ToddSchneider: What about wrapping out with a focus on how to apply what's been discussed during the summit?

[13:29] gary: Is there a conflict with a final communique or really exciting/new, value added talks? We need to resolve this.

[13:31] MikeBennett: Proposal to focus Symposium on Applications. With speakers but not just speakers. Get industry interest in how to apply what we did.

[13:31] ToddSchneider: Run an open discussion (not a panel) of a solution to a particular problem in applying what's been discussed during the summit?

[13:32] ToddSchneider: Have to go. Cheers.

[13:33] gary: Suggestion, the Symposium sub-committee needs to work on this. And track champions should recruit people along the way.

[13:39] gary: I thought that Reza Ghanadan's (DARPA) presentation at the Symposium exposed lots of interesting work such as John is talking about from past Symposiums. We could ask someone like Reza to help recruit some projects he funds.

[13:40] MikeBennett: Attract people from industry - many will have heard arguments and nonsense about "Context" so might be attracted to an event where we have figured out Context and promise material about how they can make practical use of what we learned.

[13:41] gary: Distinguish Symposium from the other parts of the Summit? Produce peer reviewed papers?

[13:41] KenBaclawski: The Symposium should be separate from the Summit. The papers will be peer-reviewed. There will be a proceedings.

[13:44] KenBaclawski: The best papers in the Symposium would be invited to be published in Applied Ontology.

[13:46] KenBaclawski: If the Symposium is structured like this, then the CfP should be publicized in January, 2018.

[13:46] gary: Dataversity style could be published in AO J. It need not be "academic."

[13:49] gary:

[13:55] KenBaclawski: Next meeting of the BoT is 10/11 at Noon EST.