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Duration 1 hour
Date/Time October 28 2020 16:00 GMT
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Convener Ken Baclawski

Ontology Summit 2020 Topic:Communiqué Discussion


  • Continue discussion of the Communiqué for the Ontology Summit 2020: Knowledge Graphs
  • Note that the US and Canada are still on summer time while Europe has returned to standard time, so the session is an hour earlier than usual in Europe.

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[12:06] AlexShkotin: David, semantics is a reference to reality.

[12:07] DrRaviSharma: same problem again

[12:16] David Eddy: @Alex... but "reality" is hugely vague

[12:17] David Eddy: "reality" is that I can see visible light... & "invisible" wavelengths are not reality since my instruments (eyes) can't see a wide spectrum of energy.

[12:18] AlexShkotin: David, this is why ontology topic is wide and complex

[12:20] AlexShkotin: we count on physics mostly, and its devices.

[12:28] David Eddy: big issue... how to MAINTAIN accurate contents of any sort of KG

[12:29] AlexShkotin: one way is converting KG to/from CNL texts.

[12:31] AlexShkotin: 10 years ago we converted RDB to CNL and RDB owner was happy.

[12:32] AlexShkotin: other way is that KG is readable itself.

[12:36] AlexShkotin: of Santa Claus

a plump, white-bearded, red-suited, and jolly old man in modern folklore who delivers presents to children at Christmastime

[12:38] AlexShkotin: it's better not use multigraph - just graph

[12:38] David Eddy: @Alex... boy would I like to see MW (which I do not have) vs OED (which I do have) definition comparisons.

[12:39] AlexShkotin: I use MW as it is online - so you have it

[12:40] David Eddy: @Alex... and for every visit to MW, you go away with 200+ cookies... which will follow you around the internet. I'll pass.

[12:42] AlexShkotin: fighting with cookies is orthogonal issue.

[12:42] David Eddy: @Alex... "orthogonal" is a word I've never adequately groked...

[12:44] AlexShkotin: OK than another

[12:45] AlexShkotin: orthogonal means that two issues are independent.

[12:50] russell r: Alex - meaning independent in some respect? / not entirely independent?

[12:51] AlexShkotin: @Russell two topics are: definition of Santa and how to kill cookies.

[12:52] russell r: Ok is okay to say the x axis is orthogonal to the y axis?

[12:53] russell r: or Z dimension?

[12:53] AlexShkotin: if you use orthogonal basic vectors.

[12:55] DrRaviSharma: thanks everyone till next wednesday

[12:55] AlexShkotin: C U


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