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OntologySummit2008 - Repository Architecture

This is a working page for the development and work products on the "Repository Architecture" discussion.

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Distrubuted Ontology Repository Architecture]] (189X)

Comment by RaviSharma (192Y) I like what I see proposed by FarukhNajmi. Federated can also imply peer or equal access authority - peer type of organizations sharing access to the repository. Distributed repository example can be more general if FarukhNajmi could kindly modify the diagram (visual) to include at least one place where the author can write to more than one local repository - this would imply distributed repository for a given ontology and not necessarily all local only, some could be remote. (1930) Could we get more visuals for conceptual architectures that are implementation oriented with known IT elements and also showing Gaps that exist for repository architecture to be completed, at least for simply authenticated open repositories? (192Z)

FarukhNajmi has proposed an Architecture Canidate 1 at link OpenOntologyRepository Architecture/Candidate01 11:22