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ONTOLOG BoardOfTrustees Meeting (n.03) - Thu 2014.07.10

  • Session Chair: MikeBennett (Hypercube; EDM Council)
  • Session Scribe: MichaelGruninger (U of Toronto)

Topic: ONTOLOG BoardOfTrustees: regular meeting (n.03) - ...

Conference Call Details

Date and Time:

  • Date: Thursday, 10-Jul-2014
  • Start Time: 9:30am PDT / 12:30pm EDT / 6:30pm CEST / 5:30pm BST / 1630 UTC
  • Expected Call Duration: ~1.5 hours


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  • Attended:
    • ...


The main focus of this meeting will be: Future events and sessions planning, along with digesting ideas and actions from the recent members call.

  • Roll call; review and adopt agenda
  • Infrastructure Status Report
  • Review feedback and ideas from the June 26 Ontolog Going Forward session - see: Conference_2014_06_26
  • Feedback from Volunteers Meeting on 3 July - see: Conference_2014_07_03
  • Future Sessions planning
  • AOB
  • Next meeting

IM Chat Transcript captured during the session

[09:28] MikeBennett: Agenda (4) The main focus of this meeting will be: Future events and sessions planning, along with digesting ideas and actions from the recent members call. (4A) Roll call; review and adopt agenda (4B) Infrastructure Status Report (4C) Review feedback and ideas from the June 26 Ontolog Going Forward session (4D) Feedback from Volunteers Meeting on 3 July (4E) Future Sessions planning (4F) AOB (4G) Next meeting (4H)

[09:31] MatthewWest: What is the code for dialling in on Skype please?

[09:31] PeterYim: Hi, everyone!

[09:31] PeterYim: @Matthew: see:

[09:31] MatthewWest: Found it

[09:31] MikeBennett: Matthew the skype account itself has changed its name from joinconference to join.conference with a dot

[09:34] MikeBennett: Conference ID: 843758#

[09:34] PeterYim: == MikeBennett starts the meeting ...

[09:37] MichaelGruninger: Infrastructure Status Report

[09:37] MatthewWest: Apologies, but I cannot get on the call. My connection is so bad, it is only getting part of the number each time and disconnecting me. Not sure why the connection is so bad.

[09:38] MichaelGruninger: Conference bridge is now covered by IAOA at least until the end of the year

[09:38] MichaelGruninger: Wiki has migrated to PSMW

[09:40] MichaelGruninger: Everyone should check that they can login and edit wiki pages

[09:40] MichaelGruninger: Peter will continue to host archives for Ontolog

[09:40] LeoObrst: Yes, I can: corrected a url.

[09:41] MichaelGruninger: Other groups such as IAOA, OntoIOp, etc are migrating to their own infrstructure

[09:45] PeterYim: a clarification on [9:40] MichaelGruninger: Peter will host all past archives (for Ontolog *and* other communities); Peter will continue to host the mailing-list and archives for the Ontolog (only) lists going forward

[09:49] AmandaVizedom: Clarification question from me: Is it still the case that we are currently focused on stabilizing so we can continue, but are intending to take the opportunity to take a fresh look at our infrastructure, how well it serves our purposes, and what are the alternatives.

[09:49] AmandaVizedom: Answer given: Yes

[09:50] MikeBennett: That's what I read as the consensus but I will re-check before we move on to the next item.

[09:50] AmandaVizedom: I volunteer to lead a review of needs, current system, and alternatives.

[09:50] AmandaVizedom: I don't want to look at alternatives individually without assembling requirements first, including maintainability.

[09:53] MikeBennett: Amanda will present back on this at the next or a future meeting, outlining the volunteer efforts required for the or any proposed facilities. She will use the current infrastructure to support this research.

[09:54] PeterYim: a word of caution: even when there are individuals who are passionate enough to help put together the technology, we have to make sure there is a "team" not only to put up the infrastructure, and also, the right team to keep it maintained ... (those pioneering the work may not be the same people as those who want to be maintaining it week-after-week, year-after-year.)

[09:55] MichaelGruninger: == Review feedback and ideas from the June 26 Ontolog Going Forward session ==

[09:55] PeterYim: == review of input from the Jun-26 community meeting - see:

[09:55] MichaelGruninger: the Volunteer meeting was one outcome of the june 26 session

[09:56] MichaelGruninger: Ontolog Forum as the goto place for ontology work

[09:57] MichaelGruninger: How is Ontolog related to other communities-of-practice?

[09:58] AmandaVizedom: I understood John's proposal as slightly infrastructural, insofar as a community of communities would have some interlinking to facilitate knowledge sharing.

[09:59] MikeBennett: Lattice of Communities of Practice...

[10:11] PeterYim: I personally think we can play up the "outreach and collaboration" and less on "infrastructure to support" that in this exercise ... we will need a champion, and can start with whatever infrastructure we already have

[10:13] PeterYim: as groups like OntoIOp, IAOA, CL-working-group moves their work out of the Ontolog-CWE (collaborative work environment), keeping the collaborative relationship with these communities would make a very meaningful initial exercise

[10:15] PeterYim: John's proposal can be implemented in phases ... (and we can take on those that don't rely on an "improved infrastructure" first)

[10:15] MikeBennett: +1

[10:17] MichaelGruninger: AmandaVizedom: There is support for the idea of making the knowledge that the community builds easier to find. Ways that the infrastructure can support this should be part of the desiderata for the review

[10:19] KenBaclawski: The Proceedings of the Volunteers Meeting are at

[10:19] MichaelGruninger: == Feedback from Volunteers Meeting on 3 July ==

[10:25] MichaelGruninger: PeterYim: oncerning Forum Moderation: Peter is doing sys admin and Matthew is doing list admin

[10:27] PeterYim: updated:

[10:33] PeterYim: suggestion: if everyone captures their own key points on the chat-transcript, and the scribe: (a) edits (for typo and accuracy), (b) re-position discussion threads ordering, (c) highlights and consolidates (c.1) decisions and consensus, and (c.2) action items ... that, plus the audio recording, will provide us a very adequate record of a meeting. ... [essentially, the need for another set of meeting minutes or report may not even be necessary]

[10:36] MikeBennett: DSMW = Distributed Semantic Media Wiki (ref on Jul3 Proceedings)

[10:39] MikeBennett: After a given meeting - someone needs to make a post (mailing) saying that the proceedings are now available on line (once the proceedings are available on line). Add to process flow. Owner = chair or co-chairs of a given session.

[10:40] MikeBennett: Other lessons from June 26: variable use of metadata. Someone needs to review and update the metadata for consistency before staging the presentations to the site.

[10:40] MikeBennett: Also applies to the MP3 metadata.

[10:41] MikeBennett: During Jun 26 session: some irregularities e.g. URLs, so sometimes slides with subsequent edits are needed for the archives. This is another step to add to the process, and define an owner for.

[10:43] MikeBennett: Issue exists with MS PowerPoint to PDF formats, in the rendition of URLs e.g. the MS PDF conversion drops the Purple Number from URIs

[10:43] MikeBennett: Always ask for PDFs.

[10:45] MikeBennett: The person responsible for the session would need a tool which can edit PDF metadata (OR someone from the community will always have to be available to support the session chairs)

[10:46] MikeBennett: Need someone doing this across the board (not left to session chairs).

[10:47] LeoObrst: Folks, I must leave at 2 pm.

[10:51] MikeBennett: == Future Sessions Planning ==

[10:51] MikeBennett: Rules / reasoning miniseries

[10:52] MikeBennett: Proposal: to continue the Rules / Reasoning miniseries in the Fall.

[10:53] MikeBennett: Ontology Based Standards - there are some possible future presentations planned out for the Ontology Base Standards miniseries (10 sessions planned, 6 presented to date)

[10:54] MikeBennett: Proposal: to do the 4 remaining Ontology Based Standards mini-series first thing in the Fall.

[10:54] PeterYim: see:

[10:55] MikeBennett: Action: MichaelGruninger to review the status of the 4 sessions planned out with speakers lined up, some were less clear-cut.

[10:55] PeterYim: see:

[10:57] MikeBennett: S3, S5, S6 and S7 to be presented.

[10:58] MikeBennett: Action: Contact Session Chairs and let them take it from there.

[10:59] MikeBennett: Start the first Thursday after Labor Day - unless this clashes with e.g. FOIS, but we could do one at the beginning of Sept after Labor Day. At that oen we would know when the next one will be.

[11:00] MikeBennett: There is also the option of interspersing the sessions from more than one mini-series at a time. Need to look at what dates are available first, need a Master Calendar.

[11:01] MikeBennett: Also need to accommodate volunteer meetings, also the infrastructure development - would those also use this exact time slot (they are BoT / management activities), or do we have those on another time slot?

[11:05] PeterYim: BoT roster -

[11:05] PeterYim: Board Members (4DP6) AmandaVizedom (4DQM) BarrySmith (4DQN) EdBarkmeyer (4DQO) JohnSowa (4DQP) KenBaclawski (4DQQ) LeoObrst (4DQR) MarkMusen (4DQS) MatthewWest (4DQT) MichaelGruninger (4DQU) MikeBennett (4DQV) MikeDean (4DQW) PatHayes (4DQX) TillMossakowski (4DQY) PeterYim (ex-officio) (4DP7)

[11:07] MikeBennett: Next meeting 7 August

[11:10] List of attendees: AmandaVizedom, KenBaclawski, LeoObrst, MatthewWest, MichaelGruninger, MikeBennett, MikeDean, PeterYim

[11:10] PeterYim: -- session ended: 11:09 am PDT --


Past Meetings

  • 2014_06_26 - Thursday: "ONTOLOG Going Forward" - the new ONTOLOG Board of Trustees meets the Community ("The BoT Debut Session") - ref. details at: ConferenceCall_2014_06_26
  • 2014_06_19 - Thursday: ONTOLOG_BoardOfTrustees meeting n.02 - Chair: KenBaclawski - ref. details at: BoT_Conference_2014_06_19
  • 2014_05_22 - Thursday: Inaugural meeting of the newly formed ONTOLOG_BoardOfTrustees
  • 2014_05_08 - Friday: The "Future of ONTOLOG" Brainstorm Session

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