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Ontology Summit 2020 Topic Discussion


Open-ended discussion of the topics for summer meetings and the next summit.

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[12:16] ToddSchneider: We can also get someone from Stardog to provide a talk.

[12:18] Ken Baclawski: Examine how ontologies are useful as the basis for knowledge graphs. It can provide extensibility, consistency, inferencing.

[12:19] Ram D. Sriram: You should also check out the Open Knowledge Network white papers at

[12:20] Ram D. Sriram: See NSF request for proposals on OKN

[12:23] RaviSharma: Todd explained how object flexibility can help flexibility.

[12:23] RaviSharma: I sent a document containing Knowledge graph references.

[12:23] RaviSharma: Ram Referenced Guha and others

[12:24] RaviSharma: Todd - referred Stardog

[12:24] Ken Baclawski: Knowledge graphs in various forms have been used for a very long time, even pre-dating modern computers, so what is happening that make this topic relevant today?

[12:24] RaviSharma: Janet - may be in title Why Now?

[12:26] Ken Baclawski: We want to forestall "reinventing the wheel"

[12:27] ToddSchneider: Potential title: 'Why Knowledge Graphs and Ontologies'

[12:29] janet singer: Or Knowledge graphs and ontologies: Old Hype, new Hope

[12:29] Ram D. Sriram: I have to go another telecon, but will be monitoring the Chat

[12:30] ToddSchneider: Janet, excellent notion.

[12:33] ToddSchneider: Is there anything from the Big Data summit we could use to support the 'why' of/for knowledge graphs (or graph databases in general)?

[12:33] MikeBennett: I know the folks at Cambridge Semantics. They also have a good focus on ontologies as conceptual models, though they do have a good technology solution.

[12:43] RaviSharma: Janet - referenced John on hype circle!

[12:43] RaviSharma: Todd - reality

[12:46] RaviSharma: Todd-Ken- Oracle

[12:47] RaviSharma: Gary - has updated slide - OKN is yes associated (Guha), Ram posted URL

[12:48] ToddSchneider: Open Knowledge Graph - as a track?

[12:48] RaviSharma: Gary - Amit Sheth? monthly speaker leveraging with copyright acknowledgments, domain knowledge

[12:49] Ken Baclawski: One track can be OKN chaired by Gary Berg-Cross

[12:49] ToddSchneider: Use of Ontologies in Knowledge Graphs - A possible track?

[12:50] RaviSharma: Gary - History, OKN, tracks

[12:50] ToddSchneider: Types of ontologies in Knowledge Graphs - A possible track?

[12:50] RaviSharma: Todd - yes good suggestion.

[12:50] ToddSchneider: Ontologies, Knowledge Engineering, Graphs - A possible track?

[12:51] MikeBennett: Types of ontologies is good - still an under-explored concern in general I think, so focusing this on KGs is a great idea.

[12:51] RaviSharma: Domains - Finance would be a good track like Medical or healthcare!

[12:53] ToddSchneider: Building Knowledge graphs over time?

[12:53] RaviSharma: Todd - extensible KGs?

[12:54] ToddSchneider: Ravi, yes: Extensible Knowledge Graphs

[12:55] RaviSharma: Janet - OKN is it evolved Semantic Web?

[12:55] MikeBennett: Oops yes I meant KGs.

[12:56] RaviSharma: Gary - in case of Google using Open Linked data in graphical form + more, so like evolution of Semantic Web.

[12:56] MikeBennett: Is it worth tying the notion of Semantic Web to Tim BL's original vision. What is OKN in relation to that?

[12:56] TerryLongstreth: Gave up on the cell phone

[12:57] ToddSchneider: Can we find speakers for the engineering domain?

[12:57] RaviSharma: Ken- Domain and track combination

[12:58] RaviSharma: Mike - Finance uptake of onto FIBO, EDM is encouraging

[12:58] RaviSharma: Ken van you kindly spell our new participants names to address them?

[12:59] RaviSharma: NLP, Cambridge Semantics, has list - (Jans?)

[13:00] RaviSharma: Why Knowledge graphs now?

[13:00] RaviSharma: similar to fax video and smartphone evolution

[13:01] RaviSharma: Ravi - implies history of KGs

[13:01] Ram D. Sriram: @TOdd: I think we can find speakers for the engineering domain

[13:01] Ram D. Sriram: @Todd: I think we can find speakers in the Engineering Domain

[13:02] RaviSharma: Mike - assumption is but OWL is about syntax vs semantics (content?) not

[13:03] RaviSharma: Mike - kindly clarify thanks

[13:04] RaviSharma: Gary - KR and semantics early on, need multiple people to cover overview End to End

[13:04] janet singer: Ram was explaining KG before the recording started in terms of needing all of physical, logical and conceptual aspects

[13:04] RaviSharma: introductory series in fall and full summit in 2020.

[13:05] RaviSharma: Talk about Metaphor - Bipin to speak when?

[13:05] MikeBennett: Firms think that they need only RDF and OWL skills (syntax!) but they really also need knowledge engineers / actual ontologists / taxonomists (library science / applied philosophy people). Someone to understand how to deal with the actual meanings of things. Else you have the plumbing but no clean water.

[13:05] ToddSchneider: Have to go. Thank you.

[13:06] MikeBennett: More to the point someone at board / stakeholder level needs to understand the recruitment, process and QA needs for end to end management of conceptual, logical and physical models and how to bring semantics into the mix. Governance.

[13:06] RaviSharma: Bipin might comment more in next week's meeting

[13:07] janet singer: Keeping the need for all three in mind helps address concerns Mike raised about power of KGs (or sem web, ontologies) not just being a technology challenge

[13:07] MikeBennett: @Janet +1

[13:07] RaviSharma: Ravi also agrees with Ken

[13:07] Gary: I sent Ken a copy of my updated slides for today's meeting and he can post them. It includes some proposed speakers that Amit suggested.

[13:08] RaviSharma: Sept 4 or Oct 9 for Jans

[13:08] MikeBennett: Would be nice to get Marty Loughlin from Cambridge Semantics to talk. I can ask him, if this is of interest.

[13:09] RaviSharma: Sept 4 confirmed for Jans

[13:10] Gary: I mentioned some discussion with Amit on speakers from his monthly pubs -

  • Pieter De Leenheer, Cofounder Collibra, Chief Science Officer
  • Pavan Kapanipathi: IBM TJ Watson
  • Shreyansh Bhatt, Amazon

[13:10] RaviSharma: Ken - Marty, Amit, Jans, John Sowa speakers

[13:12] RaviSharma: Synthesis sessions could start with a panel?

[13:15] RaviSharma: Motivating Community - intro series is more popular - Ken

[13:16] Ram D. Sriram: @Ravi: Check out the speakers at the Third OKN Workshop. Yolanda Gill (she was a speaker on our summits before), Chaitainya Baru (NSF). If you want some controversy then we can ask Barry Smith (he lead the Manufacturing Group at OKN workshop)

[13:17] RaviSharma: probably John and Barry together would make it very ... difficult

[13:19] Gary: Panels can help hear different sides on issues and give a sense of where the excitement is.

[13:21] RaviSharma: Bipin topic what metaphor -data-star organization, organize info, compression, Metaphor is abstracted at higher level, etc. need to change metaphor, uncompress and recompress, etc. is some aspects of Bipin's talk.

[13:22] MikeBennett: Maybe we should also hear from Dassault on their DL-based concept modeling tool (Cameo Concept Modeler).

[13:23] RaviSharma: Bipin - Deep NN, MIT, 90's work on discreet ontology, metaphor is like data compression

[13:24] RaviSharma: Bipin from Ravi looks like Physical to logic to conceptual datamodel upward ?

[13:27] TerryLongstreth: And Conceptual (the term) morphed into Ontology

[13:27] RaviSharma: Jans to send a title and abstract to ken?

[13:28] RaviSharma: @Ram, I will look into the third OKN Workshop

[13:29] janet singer: The fall sessions may be more popular because they are more focused on open-ended learning as opposed to the formality implied by tracks

[13:30] RaviSharma: Janet - agree with you

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