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Session Explanations and help facilities designed for people
Duration 1 hour
Date/Time November 14 2018 17:00 GMT
9:00am PST/12:00pm EST
5:00pm GMT/6:00pm CET
Convener Ken Baclawski

Ontology Summit 2019 Overview Session 1


John Sowa “Explanations and help facilities designed for people”

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[11:59] John Sowa: My slides are at

[12:01] AlexShkotin: Hi All!

[12:01] Ken Baclawski: You can call in at the following numbers:

US: +16699006833,,689971575# or +16465588665,,689971575#


Dial(for higher quality, dial a number based on your current location): US: +1 669 900 6833 or +1 646 558 8665

Meeting ID: 689 971 575

International numbers available:

[12:01] DonnaFritzsche: Hi Alex!

[12:02] RaviSharma: meeting Id provided by ken

[12:12] ToddSchneider: Slide 2

[12:14] RaviSharma: yes John often since they do not have enough service support people, they us tactics like I am automated assistant you can speak to me, they ask useless questions delay and finally provide option to provide live agent! hence it is not always lack of understanding but purposeful delay or deceit rather than good service!

[12:31] RaviSharma: Zachman framework was implemented best in the original tool System Architect - that linked with several known IT notations and processes. These include Data, information, Business Process, as well as implemented enterprise in the bottom row. UML, BPMN, DDL, etc used for interpretation among different (out of 30 cells).

[12:32] Gary Berg-Cross: IRDS Conceptual Schema, Working Paper from ISO/IEC JTC1/SC21/WG3 from October 18, 1991 see I was also involved in that group.

[12:33] RaviSharma: John is it true that this framework is irreducible representation of Enterprise as its systems view?

[12:35] RaviSharma: My work on Enterprise Architecture implementation plan for General Motors was approved by John Zachman who came as consultant multiple times to Detroit.

[12:38] RaviSharma: If we are not talking in context of enterprise, how would you enrich ontology with concepts as used in Zachman Framework.

[12:39] RaviSharma: Also how does TOGAF map into or cross reference to Zachman Framework?

[12:40] Mark Underwood: What standard is John campaigning against?

[12:42] RaviSharma: for an automated Explanation would you map questions in relation to these 36 cells, and then after setting the context, use the detailed knowledge of enterprise to answer fine structure details for the

[12:43] Gary Berg-Cross: @Mark the standard is the proposed ISO 21838 for Top-Level Ontologies

[12:48] TerryLongstreth: Multiple perspectives freeze context definitions, but context is not fixed. I think it's an unsolved problem how we describe an ontology that can shift context to match actual conditions behind a question.

[12:50] MikeBennett: @Terry +1

[12:55] RaviSharma: Terry how will perspectives and changing contexts (addressed last year also) constitute ontologies or relate to something like Cyc as well as relate to explanations?

[13:00] RaviSharma: AS IS Vs To BE and Gap analysis and future sha

[13:02] Mark Underwood: Any chance of getting a Cyc presenter?

[13:03] Mark Underwood: Gary - 21838; do we have a community consensus? nose-holding? disappointed? angry?

[13:05] Mark Underwood: thanks, Gary

[13:07] Gary Berg-Cross: Asking Charles Klein of Cyc to recruit someone on Commonsense knowledge.

[13:10] John Sowa: I have to log off. I'll post an updated version of my slides on Friday. I'll send a message when I do.

[13:10] ToddSchneider: Thank you John

[13:11] ToddSchneider: Meeting ends 13:10 EST

[13:12] John Sowa: Just a note to Terry. The question about context shift is easy to answer: You ask a follow-up question. I'll say more in my updated slides.

[13:13] RaviSharma: John and Ken Thanks a great start


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