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Duration 1.5 hour
Date/Time May 29 2019 14:00 GMT
9:00am PST/12:00pm EST
5:00pm GMT/6:00pm CET
Convener Ken Baclawski

Ontology Summit 2019 Post-Mortem Session

In this session, we review the Summit process and make plans for the future.


  • Summary of Ontology Summit 2019 (Summit Chair)
  • Open Discussion
    • What went well?
    • What can be improved?
    • Follow-up activities
  • Brainstorming on future Ontology Summit themes
  • Video Recording

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  • Date: Wednesday, 29-May-2019
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  • Expected Call Duration: 1 hour
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[11:57] RaviSharma: Hi Ram - are we adding anything to XAI track in Communique, it needs at least summaries you created and got approved by presenters?

[11:58] RaviSharma: Morning Ken (on west coast)!

[11:59] AlexShkotin: Hi All.

[12:10] RaviSharma: Substantial summit sessions Nov to May.

[12:12] Mark Underwood: @Mike Ouch

[12:13] RaviSharma: strength of summit was regular sessions every week even though attendees varied

[12:15] RaviSharma: one thing we need to somehow achieve is ability of speakers to stay engaged in related sessions at least

[12:17] RaviSharma: Mark said open source ID for ontology tagging of summit?

[12:17] RaviSharma: Todd - said about representation

[12:18] RaviSharma: Todd -transcription

[12:18] RaviSharma: Ken - Semantic unit of a wiki is a page

[12:19] Mark Underwood: A use case for a lightweight ontology of the summit would help to connect, e.g., event representations as indicated in the finance and narration tracks

[12:20] janet singer1: Also are the soap hub chats usually archived and linked for the session record?

[12:22] Russell Reinsch: There are several tools that translate voice to text, but the free ones are not fully functional

[12:23] RaviSharma: Todd-Ram- all discussed.

[12:25] Russell Reinsch: What about a more extensive search function, over the full scope of texts

[12:25] RaviSharma: Ravi feels that what Mark said is useful. Namely some ontology based tagging, janet baker to be consulted (Dragon).

[12:26] Mark Underwood: My suggestion, alas probably equally unattainable, would be to curate / tag / link the talks and slides by the track editors as part of the summarization that results in the communique

[12:29] Russell Reinsch: someone identified a hierarchy of explanation types an AI system can exhibit: Deep learning is too deep and mysterious.

Interpretable: I can identify why an input goes to an output.

Explainable: I can explain how inputs are mapped to outputs.

Reasonable: I can conceptualize how inputs are mapped to outputs.

[12:29] TerryLongstreth: Strength - (discovered serendipitously) ad hoc brainstorming/discussion session. General feeling seemed to be that an open discussion session, generally or minimally unfettered by agenda, was valuable but should be scheduled (although we could always resort to one if speakers don't show).

[12:30] RaviSharma: Todd - great comment, yes requirements are needed to define summit topic related ontology but also some use case and follow-on requirements.

[12:31] Mark Underwood: Some of the requirements include: Discovery

[12:32] Russell Reinsch: Distinction between events and objects - Ahh

[12:33] RaviSharma: Mark - summarized - some more - included artifacts, and events and objects intrinsic to ontology

[12:34] Russell Reinsch: Characteristics of events: complicated.

[12:36] RaviSharma: follow up idea of how to construct and include ontologies, that would create value to the topics and tracks.

[12:36] MikeBennett: Talking of summer topics - are we going to formally and visibly restart the idea that the Ontolog Forum is a year-round thing with the Summit in the spring? Or make the Summit year-round as a kind of replacement?

[12:37] John Sowa: For a summary of processes, see

[12:38] Mark Underwood: Concur w/ Ravi's call for improving connections across tracks, summits, talks

[12:38] RaviSharma: the most urgent appeared to be cross track

[12:38] Mark Underwood: Todd - A separate session may be needed to flesh out requirements, study feasibility

[12:38] RaviSharma: agree with Mark

[12:38] Ken Baclawski: Summer Topic: Developing a Capability for Finding Ontology Summit Artifacts

[12:38] John Sowa: For more detail about processes and causality, see

[12:40] RaviSharma: Ravi - we have narrated tracks yet harder effort is how these subtopics and tracks relate to each other

[12:40] ToddSchneider: John, what about the notion of 'event'?

[12:41] RaviSharma: John does not process include event?

[12:42] John Sowa: Todd and Ravi, events and states are included in processes.

[12:44] John Sowa: Eric Sandewall specified 2,304 kinds of processes. For a summary, see process.htm

[12:45] ToddSchneider: For a perspective on 'event' see section 2 (and 3) in the paper, 'The Ontology of Time and Process', Third Interdisciplinary School on Applied Ontology, Bozen-Bolzano, June 27July 1, 2016 Antony Galton, University of Exeter

[12:46] ToddSchneider: John, It need not be the case that 'event' or 'state' are 'included in process'. DOLCE and Nicola Guarino has thoughts on these notions.

[12:47] John Sowa: See Eric Sandewall's 2304 kinds. He wrote a book about it, and I summarized it.

[12:48] ToddSchneider: John, thank you for the reference; will do.

[12:49] Mark Underwood: Connections to extant ontologies (e.g., culture, biomedical)

[12:49] John Sowa: For even more detail, see

[12:50] John Sowa: causal.htm gets into underlying forces that determine the development of processes.

[12:53] RaviSharma: John suggested simpler alternative to OWL

[12:55] RaviSharma: engg principles commented Mark /Mike and Todd

[12:56] MikeBennett: Topic: Engineering approach to ontology. Will flush out many issues e.g. OWL as application language, deriving ontologies, kinds of ontology artifact.

[12:56] RaviSharma: Alex - need definition as idea of technology and ontology development

[12:56] MikeBennett: Includes ontology of ontologies (JFS)

[12:59] RaviSharma: Ravi thinks "definition" is a complex word, does it not relate closely to terms and vocabulary, and also for science where it presupposes some knowledge about the topic for which definition is being developed e.g. strong interaction?

[12:59] RaviSharma: Ravi also thinks the Definition also relates to knowledge and understanding.

[13:00] RaviSharma: Ram appreciated John's comment on alternatives to OWL and John described RDBMS etc.

[13:00] Mark Underwood: I have to run, but I like the topic of Future Platforms for Ontologies

[13:01] RaviSharma: Summer project and next summit topics mentioned.

[13:01] AlexShkotin: Sorry I lost sound

[13:03] ToddSchneider: Have to go. Thank you.

[13:03] RaviSharma: how different summits relate to each other is what Ravi is thinking? Valuation of relevance of past topics to knowledge, trends, etc. For example this year's related strongly to AI and other summit related to integration, etc.

[13:04] RaviSharma: Since there are any interesting topics, we continue 30 minutes and again next week.

[13:06] MikeBennett: I recommended John's KR book last week at a tutorial I gave on concept ontology engineering.

[13:07] RaviSharma: Todd and I have participated in all Summits at least from 2008 onwards.

[13:12] RaviSharma: Hope lot of us and a few more participate in next week's discussion.


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