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Session Communiqué First Draft
Duration 1.5 hour
Date/Time May 03 2017 18:30 GMT
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Convener KenBaclawski

Ontology Summit 2017 Communiqué First Draft

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ToddSchneider: Were there any common problems among the presentations?

Donna Fritzsche: knowledge discovery

gary berg-cross: Is it just me or is there no conversation on bluejeans?

Donna Fritzsche: nlp

ToddSchneider: Gary, 'conversation on bluejeans'??

Donna Fritzsche: phone is working for me

gary berg-cross: I meant that no one was talking that I could hear.

Donna Fritzsche: lot of building blocks - rich area and good overlap

Donna Fritzsche: 1 page per use case

Donna Fritzsche: max

Donna Fritzsche: "I would have written a shorter letter but I did not have enough time" famous quote

ravisharma: Ken - I just sent a sample page it however has no graphics.

AlexShkotin: why Blue Jeans has a blue-screen and no sound? Is that just my case?

ravisharma: what is going on the audio?

Russ Reinsch: Hi sorry Ive lost track of the link to register for the symposium. Please post here for me

ravisharma: i can not connect to anyone?

Russ Reinsch: Ravi the audio is working for me

TerryLongstreth: Alex, me too. I'm rebooting my PC to see if thst helps

AlexShkotin: @Terry, it's OK now

gary berg-cross:

Donna Fritzsche: I think its good to relate it to main stream audiences/news

ToddSchneider: A link to the communique needs to be added to the Ontology Summit 20217 page (i.e.,

TerryLongstreth: reboot worked

ToddSchneider: The URL for Ontology Symposium registration:

gary berg-cross: Here is Ravi's summary Ontolog Summit 2017

Summary of Tools, Processes, Languages sessions and tracks Feb-March 2017

Compiled by Dr. Ravi Sharma- May 2017

Focus -Relationships between AI and ontology

  • Tracks focus on 3 specific relationships
  • Track A: Using Automation and ML to Extract Knowledge and Improve Ontologies (Learning Ontology)
  • Track B: Using background knowledge to improve machine learning results (OntologyLearning)
  • Track C: Using ontologies for logical reasoning (OntologyReasoning)

Intro and Overview related presentations:

  • Track A: Champion - Gary Berg Cross
  • Ontology engineering is an iterative and spotty (non-uniform progress in its activities and process).
  • Bottlenecks and obstructions in Onto-Eng. and Onto Dev. Ref: Oscar Corcho

Objective: How Machine Learning (ML) can - generate KB to help Develop Ontologies, - reduce noisy data to further quality of developed ontologies, harmonize ontologies from dependence on peculiarities of datasets used.

Tools Mentioned: OntoLT Protégé Based for Extracting Concepts and Relationships in text searches. OntoLearn has been successfully experimented in several domains (art, tourism, economy and finance, web learning, interoperability).

Ontology Learning: about building domain ontologies automatic extraction of concepts and relationships. A Layer Cake of Ontological Primitives. Book Ref.- Paul Buitelaar, Philipp Cimiano & Bernardo Magnini (Editors). Also linguistic methods: by caro Medeiros (2009). Concept Learning: Jens LEHMANN algorithms, decision trees, Operator factors, all used to reduce work in Ont. Eng. NELL: Never-Ending Language Learner (2014) - Semi-Supervised Bootstrap Learning to read, reason and extend ontology. Discourse Representation Theory (DRT), Semantic Technology Laboratory, Valentina Presutti using frame semantics and design patterns.

to be continued for other tracks this is only Intro for Track A - not yet the summary of presenters content.

ToddSchneider: This year's Symposium will be held on Monday 15 May and Tuesday 16 May 2017. We will be graciously hosted by NIST. Attending the Symposium is free, but registration is required! The deadline for registration is Thursday 11 May 2017 for U.S. residents, and Friday 5 May 2017 for all others - non U.S. citizens.

gary berg-cross: Use case discussion -

Frame from Ken's slides

  • Allocate Use Cases
  • Summarize the use case
  • Give examples
  • Challenges
  • Cite sources
  • One page limit for each use case
  • Suggest new use cases
  • Make recommendations
  • Send to me or edit the wiki yourself
    • Edit your contribution locally then add to the wiki

Donna Fritzsche: I think we are seeing the challenge of categorizing use cases - different level of granularities and perspective

Donna Fritzsche: Function, Use Case, Role, Goal, Techniques

Donna Fritzsche: Purpose

Donna Fritzsche: Multiple Dimensions to break down the problem / how to structure use cases (Rams point)

Donna Fritzsche: Leverage differnt technologies/techniques to solve the problem at hand (the use cases that the problem presents)

Donna Fritzsche: A general problem might suggest / require that several use cases be solved

Donna Fritzsche: I will right up biologiclly inspired design

Donna Fritzsche: write up

gary berg-cross: Cog scaffolding and K extraction topic - Gary will draft something with help from Ram...

ToddSchneider: Donna, I may be able to help a little with design (from a non-biological perspective).

Donna Fritzsche: ok thanks Todd! I try to get a first draft out this weekend.

ravisharma: We need to extract and add the summary of our Summit topic graphic in words as well as perhaps the notion of AI

ravisharma: I see the need to write a para AI with tie to Tracks.

ravisharma: Ken and Gary will work on these

ravisharma: thought is that AI is very wide topic and often loosely tied but at least these 3 tracks fit in it some how and Ken and Gary will address in the communique with a para or two??

Donna Fritzsche: it might loosely tie into biologically inspired design

Donna Fritzsche: sbf ontology might be a tie-im

MikeBennett: I have to drop off for another call. One thing I could contribute is something from Track B about what an ontology needs to be like in order to be usable for these applications. If relevant.

Donna Fritzsche: good topic Mike

TerryLongstreth: @Donna concerning your 12:28 and 13:28 - We could explain some of the techniques in terms of machine or AI employing metaphor, analogy, or prototypes

gary berg-cross: A source on Biologically Inspired design - BICA The challenge of creating a real-life computational equivalent of the human mind requires that we better understand at a computational level how natural intelligent systems develop their cognitive and learning functions. In recent years, biologically inspired cognitive architectures have emerged as a powerful new approach toward gaining this kind of understanding (here biologically inspired is understood broadly as brain-mind inspired). Still, despite impressive successes and growing interest in BICA, wide gaps separate different approaches from each other and from solutions found in biology. Modern scientific societies pursue related yet separate goals, while the mission of the BICA Society consists in the integration of many efforts in addressing the above challenge. Therefore, the BICA Society shall bring together researchers from disjointed fields and communities who devote their efforts to solving the same challenge, despite that they may speak different languages. This will be achieved by promoting and facilitating the transdisciplinary study of cognitive architectures, and in the long-term perspective creating one unifying widespread framework for the human-level cognitive architectures and their implementations.

Donna Fritzsche: yep Terry - reasoning by analogy was already part of the presentation - although, still in a very experimental stage

TerryLongstreth: Context identification == documenting boundaries of a universs (of discourse, action, consideration, examination)?

Donna Fritzsche: interesting idea Terry!

Donna Fritzsche: Thanks Gary for the source

ravisharma: discussed Situational awareness through MDA and future Airspace management canvas.

ravisharma: but one wants to see its relationship to Context - for ken?

ravisharma: ravi will continue to summarize

ravisharma: as the sample was sent, part can be used for topcs, use cases.

gary berg-cross: Dedre Gentner and Ken Forbus are good sources on analogical reasoning.

ravisharma: how are we sharing what we have done?

TerryLongstreth: IMO, Prototyping and modeling are both mechanisms for creating metaphors for operations or systems that support them.

ravisharma: write on the wiki

ravisharma: subpage for write up

ravisharma: if difficulty in updating wiki then mail to Ken (Is that OK) ?

ravisharma: enable cookies, try login, wiki needs to know your email address, etc. Ken will update email if needed.

Donna Fritzsche: I need to get running! Talk soon - Thanks Ken for all of your hard work!

gary berg-cross: For later "publicity" of the Symposium we can tweet to #AI #machinelearning #ML& #DeepLearning as well as the usual ontology one @semweb...

gary berg-cross: Here is a bit of what we had in the agenda for 2014....3:30 pm: Conclusion & Next Steps:

IAOA Best Ontology Summit Hackathon Prize - MichaelGruninger

Concluding remarks and next steps - RamSriram and TimFinin

gary berg-cross: Link is

gary berg-cross: A view of some of the nearby restaurants

ravisharma: thanks

gary berg-cross: Top-rated Restaurants Nearby

  • Nantucket's Reef
  • CavaSushi Oishii


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