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Duration 1.5 hour
Date/Time June 20 2018 16:00 GMT
9:00am PDT/12:00pm EDT
5:00pm BST/6:00pm CST
Convener KenBaclawski

Ontology Summit 2018 Postmortem


  • Discussion of Summit organization and logistics
  • Suggestions for the next summit
  • Scheduling of first planning meeting in the Fall

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[12:30] Gary Berg-Cross: I made the proposal to use topics from the upcoming 2018 FOIS (which many of us may not have the $$ to travel to include these areas which seem interesting especially the role in Open Science which I think is a strong opportunity, but not well understood by many working in the more traditional open data/Science field. Ontologies are mentioned by not really deeply, wisely or consistently used:

"...latest developments in ontology-mediated data integration, data access and analysis techniques, and data-driven applications, with a special focus on Science and Innovation (S&I) data management for decision and policy-making. Currently, key S&I data elements are dispersed across a multitude of distinct agencies and research institutions or are in third-party databases. They are often neither in structured format nor systematically shared across organizations, and the universe of data on publications, citations, and patents (among others) is typically maintained into closed-off silos.

In such a context, ontology-mediated data management infrastructures can help bringing together inputs and outcomes from a variety of sources in an open and interoperable fashion. The workshop will be a great opportunity to synthesize new insights and disseminate knowledge across field boundaries to promote the interaction between the different stakeholders. We welcome original contributions, in the form of discussion papers, experimental contributions, system and demo descriptions, about data management applications that make use of ontologies and ontology-based tools for S&I decision and policy-making, including but not limited to:

Ontology-based systems for Open Science and Open Innovation (OS&OI)

  • Science, Technology and Innovation (STI) ontology specification and management: open issues and experiences
  • Ontology-based harmonization of STI Subject Classification Systems
  • Ontologies for STI qualitative data management (e.g., policy instruments, target populations, technology sector coverage, surveys and policies assessment)
  • Machine learning and ontology engineering coupling experiences to improve quantity and quality of STI indicators
  • Ontology-mediated data management platforms for impact evaluation

[12:33] RaviSharma: Topic suggestions: tools for ontology practice, NLP, Smart Manufacturing, ML, Industry solutions users (ontology), details under Smart Manufacturing by domain, continuing....

[12:39] RaviSharma: ontologies in use

[12:40] RaviSharma: Ram said each of us suggest a topic and a synopsis

[12:58] ToddSchneider: From Steve Ray:

What tools should I use for my ontology driven system?

Where should I host the system?

What kind of data store?

Triple store?


Wrapping a relational system?

What purpose for the system?

Large data repository?

Interoperability hub?

The ontology as the end product?

Web services?


Is performance an issue?

How to import and export data?

[13:02] donna fritzsche: Making Ontologies Work for You?

[13:03] RaviSharma: question on using ontologies in general sense but include open questions

[13:03] donna fritzsche: Ontologies in Practice

[13:05] donna fritzsche: Ontologies for the Rest of US

[13:05] donna fritzsche: Us

[13:07] RaviSharma: Gary is bit concerned about broad aspect of use of ontology similar to context

[13:07] donna fritzsche: Agreed with Gary's ideas about the communique in the fall

[13:08] donna fritzsche: Structure the communique in the fall

[13:08] donna fritzsche: (outline)

[13:08] Joanne Luciano: Ontology and Privacy, Ontology for Ethics, Ontology for Cybersecurity?

[13:09] Joanne Luciano: +1 on value for the user/reader

[13:09] RaviSharma: Ravi also agrees with preparation during fall. My only reservation is speakers who also practice the selected theme of Summit.

[13:09] donna fritzsche: "Ontologies in Practices: Successful Case Studies from Industry"

[13:10] RaviSharma: Gary- Vocabularies and domains.

[13:12] donna fritzsche: possible title: "Ontologies in Practice: Full-Lifecycle"

[13:12] Gary Berg-Cross: I like the idea of tools to support developments in ontology-mediated data integration, data access and analysis techniques, and data-driven applications. This is a hot topic area, including among ontologists but also the regular development community.

[13:13] Joanne Luciano: Thought this is interesting...,6_KO7,15.htm

[13:13] janet singer: Todd had suggested 'Engineering ontologies'

[13:13] Mark Underwood: @Joanne Good spelunking

[13:14] RaviSharma: suggested date of next meeting is 26th Sept.

[13:14] Mark Underwood: +1 fr Steve Ray's Tools-centric approach.. with full-featured cut-and-paste of ontology slices

[13:14] RaviSharma: noon eastern time.

[13:15] donna fritzsche: I like Engineering Ontologies

[13:15] Mark Underwood: Ontology for ethics is hot in IEEE P7000 / P7007 working groups in @IEEESA


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