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Session Communiqué Second Draft
Duration 1.5 hour
Date/Time May 10 2017 18:30 GMT
9:30am PDT/12:30pm EDT
5:30pm BST/6:30pm CEST
Convener KenBaclawski

Ontology Summit 2017 Communiqué Second Draft

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[12:32] ravisharma: notes 30 to 90 participants per session and 1000 downloads (Session C 1100+ and Second session higher.

[12:33] ravisharma: Notes: 455 views of Communique for 2016 summit

[12:36] ravisharma: Agenda for today: Communiques, Workshop, Donna sent examples.

[12:44] JackRing: The first paragraphs mention neural networks. There are now ways other than NN's so the paragraph should say "such as neural networks."

[12:48] ToddSchneider: Jack, could you elaborate?

[12:49] ravisharma: Notes: total downloads for all materials including 1000+ videoconference recordings for each track is in excess of 7000+

[12:54] Donna Fritzsche: ravi - can you email it to Ken?

[12:54] ravisharma:

[12:59] JackRing: Todd, e.g., Automata Processor Numenta, and currently classified machines that resolve multi-level conditional graphs.

[13:05] JackRing: Is this communique intended to focus on machine learning but not human (cohort) learning such as what has transpired in this cohort the past few months?

[13:07] Donna Fritzsche: Jack - definitely focusing on: AI, ML, Reasoning and Ontologies (the theme for the summit) - but that would not preclude human (cohort) learning as a topic in the communique. @Ken - do you want to address this question?

[13:09] Donna Fritzsche: @jack - last week Ken outlined his goals for the communique. Scroll down toward the bottom of this link for more info.

[13:13] gary berg-cross: Well I was thinking of using some material from my "Berg-Cross, Gary. "Introduction to Biological Inspiration for Intelligent Systems." Proceedings of the 8th Workshop on Performance Metrics for Intelligent Systems. ACM, 2008.

[13:20] JackRing: I think the 2017 Communique is going to be very popular relative to previous ones. Already seeing 3X increase in downloads. Expect 10X. Congratulations.

[13:29] KenBaclawski: @[13:05] JackRing: The summit theme does include human cohort learning but I don't recall that any of the sessions dealt with this. So we may have to omit it.

[13:30] BobbinTeegarden: Inclusion of electromagnetic spectrum concepts would be really interesting.

[13:32] JackRing: Is there any material on detecting tautologies?

[13:37] gary berg-cross: @Donna At Natural History.

[13:40] BobbinTeegarden: DWDM Dense Wave Division Multiplexing for fibre optic transmissions are dicing the color spectrum into smaller and smaller color slices to squeeze out more and more data from a stream of light...

[13:41] Donna Fritzsche: @bobbin - thanks

[13:41] Donna Fritzsche: we can add that

[13:41] Donna Fritzsche: @gary - thanks, I had forgotten where it is.

[13:41] KenBaclawski: As an experiment, would someone try using the other bluejeans meeting

[13:48] KenBaclawski:

[13:50] ToddSchneider: Human learning is implicit or a priori in AI and ontologies.

[13:50] gary berg-cross: The role of context demonstrates an aspect of human learning.

[13:52] KenBaclawski: @[13:05] JackRing: On second thought, it looks like we do cover this to some extent.

[13:52] MikeBennett: That is, what Artificial Intelligence is an artificial variant of.

[14:02] KenBaclawski: No meeting tomorrow of the organizational committee.

[14:03] ToddSchneider: Meeting ended 14:03 EDT

[14:03] Donna Fritzsche: thank-you everyone!


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