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Session Postmortem
Duration 1.5 hour
Date/Time Jun 07 2017 16:30 GMT
9:30am PDT/12:30pm EDT
4:30pm GMT/5:30pm CET
Convener KenBaclawski

Ontology Summit 2017 Post-Mortem


In this session, we review the Summit process and make plans for the future.


  • 1. Summary of Ontology Summit 2017 (Summit Chair) Slides
  • 2. Summary of the Symposium (Symposium Chair)
  • 4. Open Discussion
    • What went well?
    • What can be improved?
    • Follow-up activities

Conference Call Information

  • Date: Wednesday, 07-June-2017
  • Start Time: 9:30am PDT / 12:30pm EDT / 6:30pm CEST / 5:30pm BST / 1630 UTC
  • Expected Call Duration: ~1.5 hours
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[12:44] Donna Fritzsche: I like the in-person meeting! I also find it appealing that there is no cost for this great service - which is wonderful given the quality!

[12:46] Mark Underwood: Present ok for me

[12:47] FrankLoebe: capturing a comment on the F2F: if it's a bit later, that could be better wrt less teaching

[12:47] ravisharma: We could have a poll for the Forum and other mail lists on time of year as well as weekday or weekend Summit 2018?

[12:49] KenBaclawski:

[12:53] KenBaclawski: Ravi's Track Summaries are at

[12:57] gary berg-cross: Old quote that relates to the Cognitive Scaffolding section - the outer structure of a AI system: If you want the computer to have general intelligence, the outer structure has to be commonsense knowledge and reasoning, John McCarthy, in Shasha & Lazere, 1995.

[13:00] TerryLongstreth: @Gary: that's what originally drove Cyc

[13:00] Donna Fritzsche: I endorse the Communique with minor wording/text changes - for grammar and clarity. See my email.

[13:00] TerryLongstreth: ..and they eventually discovered there was no machine translation for commonsense

[13:01] ravisharma: I endorse the Communique. RaviSharma

[13:02] ToddSchneider: As possible subject for next year's summit, what about the notion of context?

[13:03] Mark Underwood: I endorse the Communique - Mark U

[13:03] ravisharma: Todd - context and concept as well as nesting among them / concatenation and string of these two words mean a lot in Ontology context?

[13:04] Donna Fritzsche: There are several topics floating around for the summit: Todd/Donna suggested KR for Industries, Todd suggested Context, Gary suggested a broad topic: Semantics.

[13:04] FrankLoebe: I still need to read the Communique, I'm sorry - but plan to endorse it later

[13:04] Jose Parente de Oliveira: I endorse the Communique.

[13:04] Donna Fritzsche: I like semantics - with Gary's suggestion that we look to experts from different related fields to contribute. (Gary, did I capture that properly?)

[13:05] ToddSchneider: Ravi, Barry has banned use of the (natural language) term 'concept'.

[13:05] KenBaclawski: Endorsement deadline is the end of July.

[13:06] Donna Fritzsche: I also like the idea of forming a summer reading group around Semantics - thus informing our invites/discussion for the fall!

[13:06] KenBaclawski: Same deadline for institutional endorsements.

[13:09] FrankLoebe: ToddSchneider: When was the first meeting for the organization of the next Summit?

[13:10] FrankLoebe: Ken, Ravi: Should be the first week of September - cf. the chat transcript of the Symposium

[13:10] TerryLongstreth: @JamesDavenport: I've added your endorsement to the Communique

[13:11] FrankLoebe: KB: There is a blog page on the wiki for ideas on the next Summit

[13:11] KenBaclawski: Blog page for suggestions for the next summit theme:

[13:12] ravisharma: Todd - what is accurate word substitute for usual meaning of concept as preferred by Barry?

[13:14] ToddSchneider: Sept 6 preparation for and suggesting topics through blog; and attend Sept 6 meeting for Next Summit preparation.

[13:14] gary berg-cross: @Donna, yes that was the essential idea about semantics. It is broader than Ontology but we may feel that we own it. The KR folks may also feel that way. However many others including Big Data people are working with different, often weaker ideas of it. Practitioners may be working with what their tools allow.

[13:16] FrankLoebe: [action] Ken: add the link for next themes to the Ontology Summit overview page (or/and O.S. 2017 page)

[13:17] ToddSchneider: Ravi, I don't recall a suggested replacement. But even before I was aware of Barry's stricture I had replace use of 'concept' with 'notion'.

[13:20] FrankLoebe: Ken: up to minor fixes, it's good to have the Communique basically ready to be submitted to Applied Ontology

[13:28] FrankLoebe: [action](?) create a page for discussion of the session time, plus a poll at some point

[13:30] TerryLongstreth: The Journal of the Washington Academy of Sciences is always looking for cross-disciplinary papers.

[13:30] Mark Underwood: I would be interested in some special topics. The one I'm working in, for instance, is use of ontologies for improving security / software safety. But this would be original content that draws upon Ontolog's body of contributions

[13:30] FrankLoebe: Ken: as a follow-up activity, we may consider a Special Issue for Applied Ontology, with papers on the topics of the Summit

[13:31] Mark Underwood: -- to clarify, for the proposed special issue

[13:31] ToddSchneider: Mark, is your work related to machine learning or AI?

[13:33] Mark Underwood: Yes, but that is part of an overall thrust for integration of domain reasoning in InfoSec / software engineering. The main (sort of) use case is machine learning with Splunk (etc) logs

[13:34] Mark Underwood: (to Todd) but Ontolog has a broader reach than than that use case

[13:34] Mark Underwood: oy then !

[13:37] ToddSchneider: Mark, I guess I don't understand your request/suggestion.

[13:38] EvanWallace: James Davenport's point regarding which journal to publish Summit material: the question is where are we going to meet our readers.

[13:38] Mark Underwood: it would be a topic for a special issue submission in AO

[13:39] LynneFrederickson: Outreach to biomedical informatics community via a special issue in Journal of Biomedical Semantics?

[13:39] KenBaclawski: Suggest themes for the next summit.

[13:40] ravisharma: Sept 6 thanks Todd

[13:42] Mark Underwood: Context is much fussed-over in defense circles as "situation awareness," which could connect nicely with our IoT summit

[13:43] Donna Fritzsche: @mark ++

[13:45] ravisharma: Context in Ontologies is a good topic for describing what we mean when we develop or construct ontologies.

[13:45] LynneFrederickson: Or a supplement to Journal of Biomedical Informatics -

[13:45] TerryLongstreth: JamesDavenport asks about the JWAS. We don't publish online (yet). Only hardcopy (quarterly). The JSTOR contains a complete history from 2013 backwards. We're in communication with JSTOR to put the more recent Volumes online.

[13:46] ravisharma: Semantics in the context of ontologies from Donna and others

[13:46] Mark Underwood: I think it's too narrow, but IEEE has several initiatives related to ethics in engineering, and the ontologists (apart from the philosophers' concept of it) are notably silent/absent

[13:47] Mark Underwood: Working groups IEEE P7000, P7001, P7002

[13:48] Mark Underwood: Ref: Ethics in AI in autonomous systems

[13:50] LynneFrederickson: Journal club

[13:50] gary berg-cross: Sorry, I have to go in 5 minutes to catch a plane...

[13:51] TerryLongstreth: Washington Academy of Sciences homepage is Articles from the Journal may be placed online upon request from any member or affiliated society. Samples of those are at

[13:52] ravisharma: Gary - made a point for semantics

[13:52] Mark Underwood: Rel to Gary's suggestion, this group started up this month

[13:53] ravisharma: Donna it would be before semantics

[13:53] ravisharma: would that make sense Donna?

[13:53] ravisharma: Donna - semantics and context

[13:54] ravisharma: Donna said - audience and outcome

[13:55] gary berg-cross: Have to run....will check in later to see if there are any conclusions.

[13:55] ravisharma: thanks for input Gary

[13:57] ravisharma: When we start any topic in ontology or otherwise we bring in what is often also called Background, what we are doing there is building Context.

[13:57] ravisharma: Context is inclusive of Situation Awareness.

[13:58] ravisharma: need language expert? have not all search text efforts beaten this topic quite a bit?

[14:00] FrankLoebe:

[14:00] KenBaclawski:

[14:01] ravisharma: potential speakers on context topic to be invited as per Donna's suggestion for the September meeting.

[14:02] ravisharma: Donna you imply preparatory work session meeting on Context - I think is a good idea.

[14:06] Mark Underwood: Be well, all

[14:09] Donna Fritzsche: there are some more details here:


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